First Full Day!

Day 1: Today is June 20th, what will be my first full day with a blog. Something I thought about creating for months. I was actually pretty excited to get on the computer and type up a post. So this morning I was able to sleep in a bit, until 9 (yesterday was a long day in DC and I stayed up later than usual creating this blog), had my coffee and a light breakfast then headed off to the gym to get in my cardio for the day. I don’t think to eat a full breakfast before the gym so I always have some energy bites either homemade or from whole foods on hand to grab a few of and this morning I had a couple of handfuls of blueberries with them. Blueberries are really the meaning behind my name ‘Run for Berries’ ; don’t get me wrong I LOVE all berries but blueberries are by far my absolute favorite. I hide them in the fridge, eat them in mass quantities, spend way too much on them off season, and get a little upset when I see someone else eating my blueberries. When it comes to my blueberries I am unfortunately not a great sharer and have included not eating my blueberries in my previous college roommate living agreements (not kidding). Granted that most college students don’t share any of their food and I am more than happy to give my roommates anything else and have given them permission to take any snacks they want out of my stash they have not minded at all. 

Next order of business today was a much chiropractor appointment. I get headaches daily when I haven’t gone in a week or so and after 3 days of continues headaches a visit was much needed. I feel great now and can tell how much my posture improves after a visit as well. By the time I finished up there it was already 12:30! I could hear my stomach rumbling and came home to make a greek yogurt bowl, my favorite week day breakfast, which includes nonfat plain greek yogurt, chocolate protein powder (EAS total lean is what we currently have), some cinnamon and ground chia seeds, musili from whole foods with pepita seeds and today I added some nikki’s coconut butter in midnight mocha. Always a satisfying meal or snack. With that, since it was so late already, I had a cinnamon banana chocolate chip muffin (homemade with healthy ingredients) with a spoonful of peanut butter & co cinnamon raisin swirl peanut butter on top. I also had a second cup of coffee and now am drinking a 16 oz glass of water. Image

Finally the skies are blue and it is hot but not too humid so I will be spending the next few hours sitting out on our porch with a book and some water until my boyfriend can be picked up for the day. More on him later but I am so excited to go pick him up since I haven’t seen him since 6/8 and he leaves again on Tuesday 6/25 for 4 weeks. 

My USA pro compression socks came in the mail today! so excited to wear them on my next run!

Last, I want to share that I got my mom to go to her first yoga class last night, outside in Dupont Circle in DC (every wednesday 6-7 until September 30) It was a great class and hopefully I can get her to start to practice regularly. Image


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