Friday and First Day of Summer!

Hi, so i tried to post this morning but was having some difficultly with my ipad 😦 So I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

My afternoon yesterday involved meeting up with my dad for some frozen yogurt, finally showering and getting dressed, and going out to dinner with my mom and boyfriend, Shane at Brio. They have a great happy house 4-7 pm weeknights with 3.95 small plates. After dinner, which is always good, we hit up target in the same shopping center for a few things and came home to settle in for the night.

This morning was an early one. I agreed to take my dad to the airport for his 7:30 flight, which meant he picked me up at 6 am! Thankfully we had preset the coffee so I took a travel mug with me 🙂 Love my coffee. I went straight to the gym from the airport and then had to take Shane back to school for a brief at 9:30. After dropping him off, yes i seem to be a chauffer today, I went back to the gym for a 10:30 yoga class. It was a good one and I’m really glad I made the decision to go. One of my goals for June is to get back into my yoga practice, I went all of May with only making it to two classes, but so far this month I am at ten! A huge improvement.

Shane’s meeting ending at 12 so it was perfect timing and we came home to eat some leftovers for lunch. His were half a burger and flatbread pizza from dinner and I made a salad with a curry barley salad we had and some other leftover veggies and then had some pretzels with peanut butter. After eating it was time to do some grocery shopping. We went to Trader Joe’s and The Fresh Market and then got Sweet Frogs frozen yogurt after, my favorite!


When we got home I put away groceries, got mail, and we both checked up on the computer and just relaxed a bit. With an episode of cupcakes wars on I was inspired to bake and have some chocolate muffins in the oven now that I will take to the beach with us tonight. We are going to stay with his friends family in Ocean City until Sunday and the weather is supposed to be great all weekend! Looking forward to some sun and my first beach trip of my summer vacation. We head out after dinner tonight. So have a great weekend!


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