Beach trip

Friday night after dinner Shane and I packed up the car, picked up a friend of his, and headed off to the beach. It took a little longer than planned to get here but we stopped for gas and Rita’s. we didn’t leave until around 8 to avoid traffic and got to Ocean City at 10:30 pm. I was exhausted and pretty much went straight to bed when we arrived.
The next morning I was up around 8 and went out to get some coffee. The boys all work up between 9-9:30 and we had some breakfast that included fractured prune donuts. By 10:30 we had decided to workout before going to the beach. That meant a long 90 min run for the guys and a walk/run for me. I had set out to just walk because of some shin pain I’ve been having but couldn’t help but running. I ended up walking 2-2.5 miles and running the rest of the total 9 miles I did. It was hot and sunny but felt great to move! I am seriously addicted to running. After ours runs we all did some core work and push ups before making lunch and going down to the beach.
It was the perfect day for the beach. We all relaxed a bit, went in the water and road waves, and played whiffle ball. By 4 pm we were ready to head in and shower. At 5 we left for the boardwalk/ dew tour and had dinner down there. We returns at 8 and then at 9 went to play putt putt at the Dino themed course. Shane won and I came in second thanks to hitting our balls into the mouth of an opening and closing clam shell at the end. We each won a free game for it too, next date?? We didn’t get back until 11 and were exhausted and a bit hungry. After a snack of pop corn and trail mix it was time for bed.
Today’s plans include a trip to the gym for me (I’m here now) then back to the beach and headed home tonight after dinner. Hopefully missing traffic again by heading out later.


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