Easy Monday

Well yesterday, more so last night, turned into an eventful trip back. As I said we were heading to the beach for the day. It was really windy out, which felt nice since it has been pretty hot out. I took a short walk on the beach ~30 min before lunch otherwise we just hung around on the beach. The water was too cold for me with the wind so I read my magazine (cosmo), while the boys swam and boggy boarded. By 4 pm we headed in to get ready to run. We all ate some snacks and headed out. I started out with them and then turned back around to hit 35 min for the day. I kept it short since my shin has been bothering me but we were hitting 6:45 miles, which made for a good run! Hotttt but good. Everyone ordered subs for dinner but because I cannot eat them I made a wrap from Whole foods and a salad with it. Then a little after 8 pm we hit the road. I snacked on trail mix during the ride and around 10 pm we got a flat tire in a small town. It put us back about 30 minutes and we didn’t make it home until 11:45 pm! Made for a late night and longgg drive.

This morning I didn’t wake up until 9 am. First thing on the agenda was to make coffee, then call my mom, and the car place. We got my car in this afternoon before going to lunch at Paladar. Luckily I have my dads car for the week too since my mom is in Florida for work. Before lunch I went to the gym and Shane got a haircut and had to go to a meeting at school. Lunch was late, not until 2 pm, after being at the gym I was hungry!  We shared a special quac for the day that came with housemade chips (plantain, yucca, and tortilla chips) and then I had the tilapia and avocado ceviche. All was good and because the weather was so hot and humid we walked down to the frozen yogurt place afterwards. I was really full after everything but it was all good.

We returned home around 3:30. For the next couple hours I did some laundry, dishes, checked the mail and other household chores. By 5 I got ready for my 5:30 yoga class and Shane was going to meet some friends to run. The class was an house long and I ran the mile each way to the gym instead of driving. I was home at 7 because I stayed and chatted with a friend after yoga.

Shane isn’t feeling well so I went out and got him some medicine and crackers, while he laid down. After all of that I was pretty hungry again. I usually snack a bit in the afternoon but since lunch was so late and we got frozen yogurt I didn’t need it. On the menu for dinner as a big salad with cherry tomatoes, curry barley, and a sprouts veggie burger. It was pretty simple but tasted very fresh and was just what I wanted on this hot day.photo

For the rest of the night we will just be hanging out watching some tv and going to bed early. Hoping Shane feels better since he leaves for San Diego tomorrow afternoon!


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