Hump Day: WIAW… so far

Hi and Happy Hump Day, half way through the week but since it is summer it doesn’t mean as much to me. This morning I woke up to my 8:30 am alarm and immediately started the coffee. I was meeting a friend to run at 9 am so i took a cup of dry cereal (multigrain cheerios and cinnamon roll crunch) in the car with a travel mug of coffee. I drank half the mug before and saved the rest for after. 

The heat has been ridiculous this week. It was already hot and humid out. We did a 50 minute run and went 6.4 miles. A bit slower than my past few runs but I was feeling the heat and we also had a lot of turns. When we got back (to her house) we chugged some ice water and went into the basement to do some planks and other exercises. We did a total of 12 minutes of planks in 1 minute intervals rotating between front sides and push up position planks. We did some other exercises with physioballs and some leg lifts and push ups and called it a day. I then headed out, drank my coffee in the car, ate the rest of my quest bar from yesterday, and hit up the gym to get in a bit a cross training and read my twitter feed. I did some other leg machines at the gym too since we had done some leg work this morning I decided to make it a legs day.


When I got home I got the mail, took a quick shower, and went to make some lunch. Very similar to dinner the last two days I had a kale and butter lettuce salad with curry barley salad, cherry tomatoes and leftover tilapia. I also finished off a container of curry hummus from Whole foods with the curry barley salad. The hummus is AMAZING! and had a few baby carrots on the side too. Image


On the agenda for the rest of the afternoon is a 3:15 chiropractor appointment where I get graston and ART (active release technique). My mom had landed and is in the car and stopping at the grocery store so we finally have some more variety in the house, not that I haven’t been doing well on getting in my fruits and veggies each day. After my appointment I am meeting a friend at her dads place to sit by the pool and enjoy the late afternoon sun, while it not as hot out. He also lives in the town center where there is a frozen yogurt place so that is on the agenda as an afternoon snack. Then my car is ready to be picked up with a patched tire and home to enjoy a nice evening with my mom.



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