It never gets easier

Today Shane left for San Diego for 4 weeks. No matter how many times we have to say goodbye for school and training it never seems to get any easier. Now he is on his 5 plus house flight and won’t land until after I have gone to sleep for the night.

This morning I woke up around 8 am and let Shane sleep in a bit. I made coffee and had some cereal and peanut butter from the jar. I then headed to the gym to get in a quick hour on the elliptical before heading home to help Shane pack. He had so much stuff and limited space to pack it all. We ended up using many air tight bags to fit it into his one big bag and small duffle bag. He then left a huge duffel in our storage room until he comes back. He ran a load of laundry this morning too for a few things he wanted to take with him. After he was packed we both headed out to run. He went for 70 minutes and I did 35. I ended up running a decent pace making it 5.08 miles for an average 6:53 pace. Pretty good since it was 12 pm when we ran and very hot and humid out. 

I decided to wait for Shane to eat lunch so when I was home I stretched, folded the laundry, pulled out stuff for lunch and did a few other things. He got back at 1 and was dripping sweat. He showered and made a steak pita for lunch and had a yogurt. I made eggs with banana and had some greek yogurt with protein powder and granola and decided I was still hungry and had a banana muffin. We hung around just talking and making sure everything was together until 2:15 pm and then left to get starbucks before I dropped him off. That was when I teared up this the mess I am whenever we separate for long periods of time. 

I decided to do a 5 pm yoga class at my gym so I headed there around 4 pm to lift some weights before. It is very convenient that the gym I belong to is just under a mile away. Yoga ended at 6:15 and I was getting hungry. I ate half a quest bar (lemon pie flavor) and picked up some frozen yogurt to put in the freezer for after dinner. I then took a quick shower and talked to my mom on the phone while putting my dinner together. It was very similar to last nights because after everyone being away for the weekend our fridge is pretty empty. I had a kale and butter lettuce salad with the curry barley salad, cherry tomatoes, and for tonights protein I pan sauteed a piece of tilapia in Trader Joe’s teriyaki sauce. 

Now that I have finished dinner I will clean up the kitchen and I have on this weeks new episode of Diner’s Drive in’s and Dives that I DVRed yesterday. It’ll be a quiet night again since I am home alone. I might search the internet for some deals on dorm/apartment stuff for the coming school year. I already ordered a great 11 piece knife set on Rue La La this afternoon for our kitchen! 


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