Wednesday Part two

My chiropractor appointment went great and then sitting by the pool relaxing and catching up with my friend Gabby was so nice! It was so much nicer out this afternoon and we spent some time in the pool and stayed there until 5:45 pm. After we went and got some frozen yogurt since it was just down stairs from the apartments where her father lives. I had coffee and cookies and cream. yummm. Then I headed home to say hi to my mom and head back out to pick my car up from the auto repair shop. I had to run there to get the car, which made for a total of 10 miles today.

ImageFrom the repair shop, which they didn’t charge us for patching my tire I guess since we bought the tire there last time I got a flat, I went to the Fresh Market to pick up snacks for the camp I am working next week. I got all sorts of chocolates and trial mixes from the bulk bins. I also got some coco libre coconut water and protein drinks in coffee and chocolate flavors to try, the new honest tea fizz in lemon lime, and some individual packs of peanut butter packets. True life: I love peanut butter! 

By the time I returned home it was 8:10 pm and my mom had dinner ready for us! We had a mixed green and kale salad with roasted red peppers, yellow cherry tomatoes, cilantro, and Trader Joe’s tofu edamame bites and crispy chicken less tenders for our protein on top.

ImageIt looks a lot like my last couple salads but it at least tasted a bit different. After dinner I had 3 of my No Pudge cappuccino flavored brownies that I made last night with greek yogurt for a bit of extra protein. My mom even enjoyed two when she doesn’t eat much dessert. I cut the brownies into 20 pieces when the recipe only called for 12 so i figured a few was okay 🙂 I’ll probably end up snacking a bit later as well because thats what I like to do at night but I’m okay with that.




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