Busy Busy Thursday

This morning I woke up at 8 am and got ready to meet Mary to run at 9 am again. I ate a ton of blueberries with my coffee as well as some chocolate covered expresso beans… I know weird combo but whatever works right? We ran 6 miles and stopped every 2 to do sets of 10 push ups, 15 mountain climbers, 20 body squats, and 25 jumping jacks. By the end of our run I was covered and sweat and dripping ALL over. It looked as if I had just gone for a swim or been rained on. 

After our run I finished my coffee I had in the car and headed to the gym to get my Thursday lift in. Then I showered at the gym and headed home. I had put together overnight oats so I ate that once I got home then refilled my jar with cereal and milk. I did a few things around the house and headed back out. First stop was Lulu Lemon I had wanted to Power Y tank in purple but they didn’t have my size so instead I got the Power Y sports bra in a pool blue color. It looked great on my skin color and is a good color for summer! Then I hit up whole foods and got a lot of good things. I got the things pictured and some chocolate vita tops. I love how my Whole Foods has a quac bar and I went back a few times while I was shopping! They also had cookies to ‘sample’ yummmm; I then bought two for later.



By this time I finished my shopping it was time to go to my dentist appointment. I was supposed to have a cavity filled but my normal dentist checked my out today and said it was okay that it was too small to need to drill and just added some extra covering. 

I went to Best Buy after to see a price value for my phone since I am planning on upgrading to the 5 during their promotion. My last stop was at the mall to use a coupon at GNC for an Eat Smart bar. It was next to a yogurt place so I got myself a small yogurt too before I left. It was already 4:45 by the time I got home and I decided to go to a 5:30 yoga class so I unloaded my groceries ate 5-6 handfulls of trail mix and headed back out. 

Yoga was great tonight. It was a Yin Yang Yoga class and it was my first time going to this Thursday night class. I left the gym and went to a Stella and Dot jewelry party someone from high school was hosting until 8 pm and then went home for dinner. I had snacked on chips and salsa and fruit at the party but knew my mom as making salmon (my favorite fish) for dinner that we had with salads.

It has been a crazy busy day and it is so nice to just be relaxing on the couch now. My mom put on some weird alien movie so I am happy to have some blogging to distract me. I plan to enjoy my cookies after this post too 🙂


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