Weekend Woos and Woes, a long one

I feel like I had no rest time this weekend! It was jam packed with the good and bad, mostly good. Friday night after dinner we put on The Avengers which I was not really interested in. I surfed the web a little enjoyed some cookies and peanut butter and ordered 4 1 lb. bags of oatmeal from my oatmeal . I am so excited for it to come in the mail. I made some good combinations! It was a later night than usual, the movie didn’t end until past 11.
Saturday morning I woke up around 8, had a bite to eat and headed to a local gym to get my lifting out of the way. I was back home by 10 got some money from my dad and walked down the street to get a coffee and go to the natural foods store where I got some great buys. I finally found the ALT bars by Lara Bar that I have been looking for for ages and i also got some protein powders, ginger chews, and butter packets.
I returned home again, had some watermelon, Greek yogurt with protein powder and granola, and some peanut butter. I’m great at finishing off peanut butter!
My mom was on her way over to meet me at a local farm that offers ‘you pick’ blueberries and raspberry. I was obviously very excited and we had a blast! We ended up with 8.36 lbs. of blueberries, plus 2 quart containers of raspberries (I didn’t see the weight), some corn, and tomatoes. It’s on my Buckley list to pick berries so that’s another plus! We then had a 75 minute drive back home.

photoIMG_1405 IMG_1411 IMG_1415 IMG_1422 IMG_1425
My mom dropped me at our gym so I could get some cardio in and I ran home and to get my car from the Toyota dealership where my mom left it after picking up her car from being serviced. Then I was off to best buy to finally get a new phone, the iPhone 5. I was in the store for an hour and the guy had the phone in front of me trying to activate it. He had to called Verizon and found out that our plan is a business plan which means I cannot get a phone at any best buy due to the Verizon best buy contract. I was so bummed and wasted an hour of my afternoon, not to mention that the phone is $50 more at the Verizon store! Thank goodness I didn’t drive the 45 min each way to another best buy to try and do the iPhone trade in. I almost did but called ahead and they were sold out.
It was 7:15 pm at this point so I headed home after ranting to Shane. I got home quickly showered and we had mussels with salad and garlic knots to dip in the broth. We put on a movie that I will finish today because I left to meet two friends (twins) for frozen yogurt at sweet frog at 9:30. We stayed there chatting until 10:30 and I was home at 10:45. I then against better judgement ate more ice cream and some chocolate covered nuts before going to bed.
This morning, Sunday, I was up just after 8, had a cup of coffee some peanut butter protein balls I made this weekend and headed to the gym with my mom. I did some cardio on the elliptical before a 10:30 yoga class. I was still sore from my fast run Friday so it felt really good! After I did an easy 5 mile run and ended at home. I took a quick shower and ate lunch (I had a Carsons oatmeal square before my run as a snack) then it was off to the Verizon store to finally get a new phone. They justified my hatred for going to the store today because it took 90 minuted to finally get my phone AND now there is a $30 upgrade fee when you already have to wait 2 years to be eligible for an upgrade… Extra costs are getting a little ridiculous.
We then hit up fresh market for some snacks (I love that place! especially with the coffee samples) and other groceries then moved onto target and some frozen yogurt since its right below 🙂
image1 image2 photo

This post is rather long so i’ll recap the rest of my Sunday in another post!


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