Checking in

Hi y’all from the U.S. Naval Academy, thankfully Shane warned me that there was going to be no wifi in the dorms and gave me his internet cord to use during my stay here. The last two days have been pretty busy and rainy :/

On Monday the counselors arrived at 10 am and were able to check in and get settled before the campers arrived. They came between 1:30 and 3 pm and got settled into their own rooms. At 3:45 we all gathers together and took two different groups on a mini tour to give them a bit of understanding of where they were and where they can and can’t go. There are 130 campers and 14 counselors plus 5 adult coachers/trainers. We then had dinner, which has been at 5 pm every night, so early! After dinner the campers were allowed to go back to their rooms and we had to meet at the track at 6:15. There they were given demos and taught how to properly ‘static stretch’ by a sports masseuse. They we broke up into groups and the kids ran a 2,000 m time trial, not at race pace but not too comfortable so we were able to group the kids according to pace for the runs. I managed to get in 4 miles on the track during our time out there and then went back out at 9 pm after showing some girls where the pool was and did another 3 mies for a total of 7 for the day.

I was so hungry because we ate dinner so early that I ate a ton once I was back in my room and showered. We went to bed at 11 ish and my lovely alarm went off at 6:40 am for the 7 am morning run. I was already partially awake from the plebes doing plebe summer outside (pushups lots of yelling of “up” and “down”) We ran 4.5 miles this morning some of which were pretty fast (6:47 for mile number 2) then stretched and had breakfast at 8 am. We then had a break until 9:30 and met back at the track to do some conditioning. It was so humid out all the day it was pretty hard. We did sets of squats, knee jumps, jumping lunges, planks (front and side), spiderman pushups, mountain climbers and burpbees. Another 30 minute break before lunch at 11:20 and a break after lunch until 2 pm. Kids had the option to go get ice cream, play frisbee, swim, or just relax during the break. Some counselors and I took the time to do some weights, core, and roll out. Then we went downtown and got starbucks.

At 2 pm about half of the group met up to learn and practice the steeple until 3 pm. I wasn’t doing the steeple so another counselor and I took the time to run another 3.5 miles around Annapolis. Then at 3:30 there was a talk with the JMU distance coach about summer training and college running. That lasted until 4:30, the kids were able to change/go back to their rooms and we had dinner at 5 pm. We met again tonight at 6:15 and split into our run groups. I took group 5/13 and we did another 3.5 mile run. Some miles were pretty fast thanks to the guys and we hit 6:40 but averaged out to closer to 7 min/mile once I slowed them down so we all could stay together. After the run I stayed and stretched with my group and told them a bit about myself as a runner.

I headed back to my room around 8 and have just been hanging out since. I plan to go to bed by 10 pm tonight so I can wake up and get my run in in the morning so I won’t have to worry about it later. I am also exhausted so hopefully I am able to get a good nights sleep.


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