Finally home with some free time

It has been such a long week! Thank goodness it is finally Friday. A hot one too, my car read 93 degrees and it is humid too! This morning at camp we were up at 5:30 am to get on a 6 am bus to the Navy gold course so the kids could have a 2 mile race to finish out the camp. It was a team race and started with 2 runners per team at the state and each 800 meters they picked up two more runners and had to all finish together to win with a team frisbee. It was fun but everyone was tired and sore this morning.

We got back to the yard by 8 am. Breakfast wasn’t until 8:30 so another coach and I walked to the Starbucks downtown to get some good coffee instead of the stuff they have at the dining hall. We all didn’t get much sleep last night because of July 4th. Fireworks at 9:15 pm and afterwards all the counselors/coaches went downtown to get food and some stayed out at the bars. I went back at 11:30 pm. I was exhausted and after eating I was ready to go back and get into bed knowing it would be an early morning.

After breakfast the campers were to pack up, clean out their rooms and head to the buses to depart from the camp. We check them out between 9:30 and 10:30 am and then were free to go. Once home I had so much stuff to unpack myself and loads of laundry to get started on. I spent the rest of the morning unpacking food and clothes and putting stuff away. It was nice to eat at home again too!

I made myself a breakfast scramble and had a ton a blueberries and some french break with sunbutter. Then I headed out to pick up some trail mix at The Fresh Market for our trip on Sunday and some frozen yogurt for after dinner. I went to my favorite, Sweet Frog. Back home it was for an hour before I went out to run at 4 pm. It was SO SO HOT. The temps were 93 with 87% humidity. It was a rough run but I managed to do 7 miles. I ended at the gym for an hour long yoga class that felt great after such a long week.

Once I got home from yoga I showered and helped my mom with dinner. We made a big salad with quinoa salad, avocado, peppers, and trout. I was craving some fish after my lack of protein this past week.

It has been such a long and exhausting week. Now we are watching the Johnny Depp vampire movie and I will definitely be heading to bed early tonight!


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