Punta Cana Part II

I am finally back in the United States but not home yet… we are in New York for the weekend celebrating my mom’s best friends’ birthday. 

So Tuesday our morning and the next two mornings started off the gym with a trip to the gym then breakfast and Tuesday we went to the beach again. It was too windy to do any water activities sadly but instead we took a nice walk on the beach. I had a 5 pm massage that day that felt great and was much needed! After getting showered and changed we went to the lobby to hang out and had dinner at 7:30 pm. After dinner we went to the casino and played slots for an hour or so. We were trying to win money but when we did win we just kept playing more games with it. It was my first time in a casino and was a lot of fun.


Wednesday there was a tropical storm off the island that kept it pretty much overcast all day long. My mom got sick after breakfast but felt better in the afternoon. We walked around the little village of shops on the property and picked up charms for our bracelets (mine is a turtle) and gifts for friends plus coffee (reallyy good) and I got a braided bracelet. Then we went to the pool and read for a couple hours even though it was overcast. We had dinner reservations at the French restaurant at 7 for dinner this night and got dressed up for that. It was a really good dinner; we had an appetizer, entree, and desert, but service was pretty slow.



Thursday was our final day/morning here. My mom went to the beach for 30 min before breakfast and we had walked down there before the gym too. After breakfast I went on a 20 min run just to be out in the sun and go around the property once more.


We headed to the airport at 11:30 but our flight wasn’t until 3 pm and was then delayed until almost 4:30 pm. It made for a long day of travel, we didn’t get to our car until 9 pm and still had a 2 hour drive to New York. I didn’t make it to bed until midnight last night! Super late for me!

All in all it was a great vacation. It would have been nice if there hadn’t been a storm and the running was better but i’m happy I managed to get workouts in. I biked 30 miles Sunday, 40 Monday plus ran 6 miles, biked 50 Tuesday, 60 Wednesday, and 40 Thursday plus ran for 20 minutes. I did a build of bike miles to challenge myself. I also did weights on Tuesday and core work on Tuesday/Thursday. Plus I went on walks on the beach, one long one with my mom and a few other shorter ones and we had to walk all over the property, even though it was a short run walking 0.5-1 mile to and from the lobby/room/beach really adds up!


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