Hi and happy Monday!  We started this morning off with a 4 ish our drive home from New York. We left just after 7 am, dropped my sister at her apartment around 8 am, and made it home by 1:30 pm.

The extra time came from our stop at my all time favorite grocery store, Wegmans, and we stopped to get gas. Our grocery haul looked like this:

  • blueberries, raspberries, bananas
  • mixed greens, arugula, mushrooms
  • stir-fry chopped veggies with asparagus
  • sweet potatoes
  • trail mix
  • plain greek yogurt, chobani flip cups, and lemon chobani
  • silk milk (me), fat free milk (my mom)
  • avocado hummus
  • kombucha tea 

We needed a decent amount of fresh foods since we had been away for so long. I also picked up a kick board to use at the pool this week!

Once we were home I unpacked groceries and my stuff (there was A LOT) and headed to the gym. Today I did my 10 minute plank routine plus the elliptical and 30 minutes of spin class with my mom. We both showered there and headed home to make dinner. While my mom cooked our salmon I made some protein balls to have in the fridge as an easy snack for the week. I finished my last 3 this afternoon before getting my workout in and they are really good and so easy to make/edit. Image

Dinner was even ready before 8 pm tonight! We put on Break Dawn Part II from the Twilight series and that ended at 9:45. After we finished eating I helped myself to some grocery store frozen yogurt and a couple hand fulls of trail mix too 🙂

Now it is off to bed for both of us after a long weekend and my mom has to go back to work tomorrow. I feel like I still have a ton of tidying up to do too.


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