Food for Thought

Does anyone else have certain foods they find they have no self control with? For me it is blueberries in the morning and trail mix in the afternoon. Once I start I seem to eat quite a bit… the blueberries is a problem because they are expensive especially off season, while the trail mix can be very caloric.

I try not to worry about calories but in February 2012 when I was injured with two stress fractions I found myself emotionally eating trail mix because I was upset I couldn’t run. This lead to me gaining 10 lbs during the spring semester and for someone that ranges between 90-94 lbs usually 10 lbs is quite a lot! 

I mention this because tips for stress eating and emotional eating seem to be a hot topic in the blog world right now. I find myself reading every article I see on them from why we do it to how to control our snacking habits. I also just found myself eating bite after bite of chocolate and nutty trail mix out of a very large container that I only filled 3 days ago and is now nearing empty. 

Emotional eating… a females best enemy. I’n not super stressed right now but I know I have been getting lonely during the day and bored. It is evident that I am eating this comfort food for these reasons. I have plenty of options I could fill my time with but trail mix tastes so good and makes you feel good at first… until your still eating bite after bite 10-15 minutes later. I think there will be times everyone will emotionally eat and there are no permanent “cures”, at some point we will all eat when we are not necessarily hungry or happy, but you know what? That’s okay. I’m not going to beat myself up because I have eaten way too much trail mix over the past 3 days. First, I could be eating way worse foods, nuts are caloric but they are not empty calories. Second, it is what I wanted, I know I always eat too much trail mix when I buy it so it is my own fault and I accept that and I will continue to eat through the trail mix… hopefully in small servings, but next week at the grocery store I will not buy more. Moderation does not just have to mean eat a small bite of something for an extended period of time. For me moderation can mean eating a huge delishious dinner with sides, carbs, and desert or eating through a 15 serving bag of trail mix in 5 days but then not to eat it for a few weeks. Moderately indulge in what you want or in this case over indulge. 

That was completely off of the recap I was going to give you but something I think about often when I read other blogs or notice myself craving something and for healthy active people like most of you in the blogging world indulgence is okay… in moderation, however you may define that moderation 🙂


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