Shopping… or at least trying to

It has been a pretty good Monday, all things considered, so far! Last night I could not fall asleep. I ended up going through some of my clothes to donate and then got back into bed again. I figured out I really do have a lulu lemon addiction and quite a large collection. I think I finally got to bed around 1:30 am when I had originally gotten in bed at 10:30 pm. I hate those nights. Image -not even all of it, but most!

To make up for it I did not wake up until 10 am! So late for me. I enjoyed my cup of coffee and checked emails and headed to the gym around 11 am. I did my sore routine and an hour on the elliptical then showered and headed to the mall. I hate going all the way there and just malls in general so I waited until I had quite a few things to do. 

I went and picked up my free godiva of the month truffle, check out the Milly collection for Banana Republic on sale (I was looking for shorts but they were sold out), went to GNC and got a few diet turbo teas and asked about the raspberry white chocolate Quest bars (not in yet), and looked at the Lord and Taylor bathing suit sale. I did manage to find a really cute strapless top there and for only $35, so cute! Then it was off to Modell’s to look for a pair of nike pro combat shorts that I want but again no luck. My last stop was Trader Joe’s to pick up a few more yogurt, lettuce, and broccoli. 

I got home, unpacked everything, did usual Monday stuff like get the mail, bring in the trash and recycle, etc. Finally I set out for a run. My loop ended up being 51 minutes and boy was it humid! I used map my run after to figure out how far I went and logged 7.31 miles that makes for just at 7 minute pace. The run felt great! That always makes my day better.

Now I am cooking some Trader Joe’s Chicken-less tenders to put on top of a salad tonight with the quinoa salad I made and the Whole Foods sweet potato wedges. My mom and I are going to a 90 minute power yoga class from 7-8:30 so we wanted to have something ready and easy to throw together when we get home. I know I will be hungry by then!


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