Sunday Catch Up

Yesterday the afternoon just seemed to disappear! Shane’s flight was delayed so while I waited I made a quinoa salad to have for the week. I made a batch of white quinoa, chick peas, black beans, 40 spice hummus, and salsa. Such an easy salad and a quick meal. Image

After getting baggage and dropping his friend off at school it was already 6:30 pm when we got back to my house. Just after 7 we set out to run 45 minutes. After stretching, rehydrating (it was hottt), and showering it was already 9 pm!

Neither of us were really that hungry after running but I was craving some frozen yogurt. We drove to our favorite, sweet frog, and ate in the car since it was so crowded. It was 10 when we got back home. We decided to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and made some kettle corn. I ended up falling asleep during the movie because it got so late.

This morning I was up at 8 and woke Shane up at 8:30 when I left for the gym with my mom. He set out to run at 9 am and we both got back home just after 10 am. I did an hour on the elliptical and then ran home from the gym. We just hung out this morning, ate breakfast, watched tv, and Shane packed up his stuff. 

His dad picked him up at 1 pm and off they went headed back to Norfolk. They had to stop to pick up two buys on Shane’s cross country team. They all go to North Carolina for camp tomorrow. My mom and I sat out on our porch for a bit after they left. Then I ate lunch, catch up on some stuff, and headed back to the gym for a 4 pm yoga class.

Quickly showered at the gym and went to get some groceries at Whole Foods and Target. On the list was: 

  • greek yogurt
  • Siggi’s drinkable yogurt
  • sweet potato wedges (couldn’t resist)
  • musili
  • vitamin water
  • zevia
  • ALT bars
  • blue print juices
  • salmon

I had already done the majority of our weekly grocery shopping at Safeway yesterday. Whole Foods is definitely not our regular grocery store for every day items. I can say for sure I am going to struggle going back to a school grocery budget 😦

For dinner tonight we had a salad, olive oil roasted bok choy and peppers, and soyaki sauce marinated tilapia. For dessert I made a batch of muddy buddies for one 🙂 Can’t wait to dig into it! ImageImage


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