Last night I got to the families house around 6:10 pm. I always prefer to be early than chance being late. I haven’t babysat for this family for a few weeks since they have been away on vacation. Their daughter was the first girl/child I ever babysat back when they were our neighbors. The daughter, Lilly, was 1 when I started to babysit her and now she is 8 almost 9! Time flies…

Even though I am away at school most of the year I am still their favorite babysitter, which is really nice. It is a guaranteed job during the summer to earn a little money and they are such a nice family.

Last night however the kids were not the greatest they have been for me; not the worst either but still did not want to settle down or go to bed. Lilly was told no dessert by her mom before she left and later asked me 3 times for a treat. I’m a tough sitter though and don’t give in. She didn’t eat her dinner so no dessert was on the menu. When she decided she was hungry because she didn’t eat much dinner I let her have a glass of milk with some cherries and a pretzel rod.

For my dinner I brought along the sushi I picked up at the store yesterday and the leftover broccoli and cauliflower. I had this when Lilly had her snack at 7:30 after we put Alex, her brother, to bed. After putting Lilly to bed at 8:30/8:45 I decided I was still a bit hungry and had some dry special k, kashi go lean crunch cereal and mini m&ms on top. I like dry cereal to snack on. I seem to eat it more at other peoples houses.

tuna and salmon sushi, both sashimi and rolls w/ avocado plus broccoli
tuna and salmon sushi, both sashimi and rolls w/ avocado plus broccoli


Today, I am babysitting again for the same family at 3 pm during the mom’s tennis match. It is at a local pool/marina/club so I will get to watch the kids while playing and hanging by the pool. No complaints about that! Only to the fact that I woke up to no coffee because my mom had a mishap with the machine and there was a mess left of grinds and the pieces to it! First order of business is to clean up the mess than make my own coffee.


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