Recent Eats/Busy Days

Hello, so yesterday my morning went by pretty fast. I woke up and there was a mess in the kitchen. I had my coffee, pita chips and peanut butter for breakfast and went to the gym. I ate way to much peanut butter, typical. A very random breakfast too. Image

Back home for lunch I had a salad with some leftover salmon, and quinoa salad plus some carrots and hummus. I caught up on emails and got ready to go babysit.  I also snacked on veggie chips before leaving.Image

I babysat at the pool until 5 so I went and met some friends to run a summer xc series 5k race. We met at 5:30 and all drove together. The race started at 6:45 pm. My friend Katie, who will be running collegiately this fall, and I ran it together as a tempo run. We finished in exactly 20 minutes with an average pace of 6:20. The course was a little long. By the time we cooled down and made it back to our cars it was 8:10 so I didn’t make it home until 8:30 pm. Luckily my mom had dinner ready. It was a simple salad with sauteed shrimp and roasted sweet potatoes. 

After I also enjoyed a bowl of ice cream. I mixed together salted caramel pretzel and cappuccino plus put on sprinkles and mini chocolate chips. yummm. I also had a handful or two of trail mix 🙂 Image

Today I woke up, had coffee, some energy bites and headed out to get gas and go to baltimore to run on the Alter G. I ran 13 miles in 80 minutes. On the drive back I stopped at Dicks sporting goods looking for some cool spandex but they were sold out. So I bought this awesome Nike sports bra in the pattern I wanted instead. Image

I also went to Wegmans and bought a few groceries after. Then went home. I ate a random assortment of foods throughout the afternoon: Greek yogurt with protein powder and granola, quinoa salad, trail mix, carrots and hummus. 

At 4:30 I went to a yoga class with two friends. It was a 90 minutes class and after we got some frozen yogurt. I headed to the gym to do my core work and shower before going home for dinner. Tonight for dinner was another salad with eggs, leftover salmon, and acorn squash. ImageImage

Now it is time to relax and watch some tv before turning in for the night. I might enjoy some chocolate too 🙂


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