Late Night

Hello, Hello I’m writing this post from the couch as I am babysitting. The kids are all tucked in bed and asleep already. It is the same family I babysat for both Wednesday and Thursday this week.

This morning I was up around 8 am and headed to the gym with my mom. I did the elliptical and weights. We headed home for breakfast where our fridge was running seriously low on fresh items. I ended up having an EAS chocolate protein shake and a double chocolate vita top muffin with chunky peanut butter spread on top. I also had my second cup of coffee 🙂 ImageImage

At 11:30 am we headed back out and went to the farmers market and got a ton of fresh produce! We got tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, white peaches, beets, and squash. Image

Next up was goodwill, picking up dry cleaning, dropping stuff off at a consignment shop, and Sam’s club to buy the rest of our weekly groceries. Then we stopped into the mall to pick up free panties at Victoria’s Secret with those mail coupons (love those) and stopped by Lord and Taylor to check out some more sale stuff. I ended up getting two pairs of shorts, white lace and white jean shorts with a little lace, for only $30! I also got a little frozen yogurt before we left.

The sun finally decided to come out around 2 pm so we headed to the pool for a couple hours. After the pool we went back to our gym to shower and relax a little with all the locker room extra like the steam and sauna. 

I had another babysitting job at 6:30 pm tonight so i packed up my stuff after a little while of being home and headed out. The kids got a movie and popcorn tonight so it was easy for me. While they watched the movie I made myself a salmon lean cuisine and put it on top a salad with tomatoes. I was still hungry so I had a bowl of dry special k cereal with m&ms and chocolate chips and thenn the kids and I finished off a bag of Stacy’s pita chips. I had also snacked on some avocado hummus and pita chips back at home before leaving. So good! ImageImage

Now that the kids are asleep I had a few pieces of chocolate since they weren’t allowed to have dessert tonight I waited till they were asleep and am looking for a new car online 🙂 hoping maybe it’ll happen! Not new but new to me.


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