Weekly Workouts

This week I have finally been able to get back into a good grove of training for cross country. My runs felt overall really good! Here is how it went:

Sunday: 1 mile, yoga, cross training

Monday: 7.31 miles avg 7 min pace, core work, power yoga

Tuesday: 8 miles (7:20 pace), weight training

Wednesday: easy 4.4 miles, paddle boarding for an hour, core work

Thursday: 15 min run in the morning- 2.2 miles, weight training, 5k tempo run in afternoon- 1.5 mile warm up, 20 min 5k, 2 mile cooldown

Friday: Alter G long run 13 miles in 80 minutes, core work, hot yoga class

Saturday: 75 min elliptical, weight lifting

All in all it was a good week of training. I ran around 40 miles. I would have liked to get in an easy run today but the back of my knees were so tight I decided against it and I can’t complain after two hard/good runs Thursday and Friday!


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