I went MIA

Hi y’all so I’ve been swamped the last couple days! Not in a bad way just very busy. So I last posted on Saturday and it is now Wednesday! Let me catch you up.

Saturday morning I went to the gym per usual. It was overcast so my mom and I ran some errands, got groceries, I got two cute pairs of shorts from Lord and Taylor on sale, and by 2 pm the sun had come out so we hit the pool for 2 hours. After we headed back to the gym to shower and I headed out to babysit at 6:30 pm. It was another late night as I wasn’t home until 11:45 pm.

Sunday morning I slept in until 9 ish and made it to the gym by 9:30 am. My mom had a date to Mt. Vernon and I met my sister and dad at our grandparents for crabs. Gotta love MD blue crabs! We were celebrating my dad and grandmothers birthdays. My sister had a 6:15 bolt bus out of baltimore back to NYC so we left around 4:45 pm. It was nice out so I ran for 20 min while at my grandparents and did another slow 30 minutes when I got home at 6:15. I had requested lasagna for dinner (veggie with fat free cheese) but my mom had been out all day so dinner wasn’t ready until 8:15 pm. Otherwise we had a low key night in.

Monday I slept in a bit again. I ate overnight oats for breakfast, always good! Then went to the gym and did my usual routine, elliptical and core work. I headed home and did a 3 mile morning run and dropped off my broken Timex at a battery recycle place on my run. When I got back home I had a lunch of leftovers- quinoa salad, carrots, hummus, acorn squash and sat out on our porch in the sun for an hour or so. When the sun went away I headed in and cleaned up and decided to make some cookies. They turned out great! They are peanut butter chocolate chip with a bunch of random healthy ingredients thrown in 🙂 I gave most of the batch to my dad for his birthday when I saw him Wednesday (today).

overnight oats with cooked plantain
overnight oats with cooked plantain 


finished another jar of peanut butter
finished another jar of peanut butter 


whats left of the 2 lb container of blueberries we bought saturday!
whats left of the 2 lb container of blueberries we bought saturday!

At 4:30 my friend Katie picked me up from my house to go run. We went to the local high school and met another friend there and ran 6.08 miles in 44 minutes. We then stretched and did some strides on the tuff and after headed to our favorite frozen yogurt place. She dropped me back off at home and I ran another 1 mile to my gym for the 7-8:30 power yoga class with my mom. It was a good class, a new teacher, and I hope to make it back a few more times this summer! My milage for the day was 10 miles so the yoga class was a good idea! IMG_0253

Tuesday my mom and I had gyno appointments in Chevy Chase at 10/10:15 so we headed into town at 8:30 and it’s a good thing we gave ourselves extra time because the beltway was a nightmare! We got there at 9:50 and ended up waiting 30-45 minutes for our appointments :/ the 9:45 was on the elevator with us, late, always annoying. We left around 11:15 and my mom headed to work and I went to use a Crunch gym at metro center. It was a pretty nice gym, free wifi, nice locker rooms and had everything I needed for my workout. For lunch I walked to Luke’s Lobster and picked up two lobster rolls for us! YUMMMM. I also made myself a salad since I wasn’t able to eat the roll. IMG_0260

I signed up for a free week of yoga in Georgetown at Core Power Yoga so I ran to the studio for a 5 pm class. It was such a good class! I did the Hot Power Fusion class and boy was I a sweaty mess by the end. I then ran back to meet my mom and leave DC. I got a froyo snack before getting in the car to drive home 🙂 I’m a true addict! IMG_0268

We stopped at Safeway on the way home to pick up some drinks and luna bars and I finished my run from there- just another 30 minutes. Once home I showered and my mom and I made Trader Joe’s sweet potato gnoccoi for dinner with salad and some leftover lasagna. My milage for the day was 6.25 miles.

Today I went into work with my mom again except we took the Metro in. We got to DC by 8:30 and I headed to use a LA Fitness gym, gotta love those free day passes! I had a lemon chobani with chia seeds, blueberries, and kashi cereal for breakfast. I went back to Core Power Yoga for another class (told you I liked it) at 12. I was able to shower there and headed back towards my moms office to pick up the rest of my stuff. I snacked on some trail mix but otherwise wasn’t that hungry so I went to Protein bar and got a smoothie. It was so good- I got the Monumental Perk with soy protein and soy milk. I then met my dad and we headed across town to his meeting before heading to Car Max to look around for a car for me. IMG_0266IMG_0267

I was hungry again in the car so I had a Nugo Slim bar in crunchy peanut butter (really good) and a piece on Lindt chocolate. Once home around 6:30 I headed out to run. I met my mom at Lebanese Taverna where we picked up dinner and got some snacks from The Fresh Market for the road tomorrow. I ran 5.25 miles in 37 minutes. Back home just before 8 pm we set in for the night, ate dinner, and I am finally getting caught up on posting since I have to pick up our friends at the airport at 12:30 pm! SO LATE!!!

Now this post is extremely long but hopefully not too boring.


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