Dreary Days & A Day Late

It’s finally Thursday! I am super excited about this Thursday because I get to see Shane tonight and not just for 16 hours but everyday until school starts. Unfortunately because it is also August 1 that doesn’t give us all that much time.
This morning my mom and I both were up early not feeling great. It must have been something from dinner. I was up at 6:30 and didn’t get to bed until 1 am after picking up friends from San Francisco at the airport. Luckily… Hopefully, I will be able to nap in the car this afternoon on our drive to Norfolk. As of right now I am not feeling too beat though.
At 7:30 this morning we decided to hit the gym. My mom left after her stair climber set and I stayed to do weights. Our friends had a 10 am tour at the naval academy so they met me at the gym (since my mom and I drove together and she drove back home) and I dropped the, off downtown Annapolis. I stopped to fill up the car for our afternoon travels and headed home for breakfast. This morning I decided to mix plain Greek yogurt with plain siggs drinkable yogurt and put chocolate protein powder, musili, kashi go lean, and ground chia seeds in it. I also drank another cup and a half of coffee since we made two pots with our house guests. At 11 my mom and I headed to our chiropractor for some majorly needed adjustments. I woke up the other night with a throbbing headache at 4:30 am due to the knots in my neck.
Then it was back home to pack. Lunch was leftover lasagna with a salad and a peanut butter chocolate cookie. Quick and easy was the idea. We finally left around 2:30 for Norfolk. I drove the second part of the drive and all in all it wasn’t too bad. We hit traffic going into the tunnel but that was it. We went straight to dinner because it was already 7 pm.
We went to Shane’s favorite place, No Frill Grill. We mostly all had salads. I went for the teriyaki tuna salad which is really good! I brought some of the leftover fish for lunch. Afterwards we got yogurt from Skinny Dip. They had French toast flavor that was really good! Then it was time to check into the hotel on base. I decided to stay with Shane’s family and got to meet a bunch of his relatives that night when we got there. We were all so tired after a long day so we caught up for a bit then headed to bed.
This morning I woke up just after 7. Boy am I tired! Now I’m having my coffee and getting ready for Shane’s dad change of command! It’ll be cool!


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