Norfolk Trip

Hi, so I sorta disappeared again… ops.

I spent Thursday through Monday in Norfolk, Va with my Shane’s family. My mom and some of our friends were there Thursday and Friday night too as well as most of Shane’s dads side of the family. On Friday morning was his dad’s change of command. He was a Captain of a ship there for the Navy. It was my first time going to a change of command and it was pretty cool. I even got front row seating as ‘Ms. Paige O’Donnell’ Apparently I had another seat next to my mom with my own name too but that was a few rows back.

IMG_0287 IMG_0304

So the change of command was Friday morning. Before they had everyone over for a light breakfast and after the ceremony were ship tours and some finger foods. We didn’t end up leaving the peer until 1 pm. My mom and our friends left around 12 and headed to tour another ship downtown Norfolk and go to a museum. Back at the house I headed to the gym while Shane and his dad went to pick up lunch stuff from the store. Yes we basically ate all day! I wasn’t hungry at this point through and decided a workout sounded good.

After I returned I showered and got dressed into something more casual.  Soon after Shane and I headed out to pick up the catering that was dinner. We got back to the house at 6 pm and set everything up. At this point my family returned and joined the O’Donnell’s in a casual night of eating and drinking (for the adults). There were soooo many leftovers! We ate it the next two days until we couldn’t eat them anymore! We also played some frisbee, soccer, and corn hole outside after dinner until it got dark out. For dessert were cookies, brownies, and a fruit platter that were all really good.

Saturday everyone stopped by in the morning to say their goodbyes. I had Shane take me to the gym after breakfast and he started to clean his room and pack for school. His family is moving now for another duty so they were all cleaning and packing up. They have moved 14 or 15 times it is crazy! Saturday night two families remained so they all came by and to eat leftovers with us for dinner. Shane and I went and got frozen yogurt and then met everyone at the bowling ally at 9. We played two games with all the kids.

I was exhausted by the time we got back after a long day. Sunday I was luckily able to sleep in. I woke up at 9:10 to get ready for 10 am church. After mass we went and got Starbucks and picked up some stuff at the commissary for lunch and dinner; no one wanted anymore leftovers. I had sushi for lunch and got some fresh sea scallops to sear for dinner. We also got lettuce, watermelon, berries, sweet potato fries and greek yogurt. After lunch I ran and Shane came to the gym with me this time. Then we picked up smoothies, went home and got showered, and headed into Norfolk to go to Dick’s sporting goods. I didn’t find the shorts I wanted but Shane picked up a few things. By the time we returned home it was dinner time and after dinner we had a relaxing evening watching Life of Pi. Wasn’t my favorite movie but wasn’t bad either.

Monday morning I went to the gym while Shane had a doctors appointment and at 12 we headed back to Annapolis. It was a 4 hour drive and very boring. We stopped at Wawa and Sweet Frog along the way. We were both not excited for a 4 hour car ride. But Saturday when we head back to his house it’ll be a new one that is only 1.5 hours away! I’ll catch up the rest of the week in my next post!



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