So Monday after Shane and I got to my house we both set out to run. I ran to the Nissan car dealership to look at a car. Later that night my mom met me there and we picked out a car! It had to come from Richmond so I just got it today (Thursday). We didn’t make it home until 8:45 that night. Made for a late dinner. Luckily we had a roasted chicken for Shane and I made eggs for myself and we all had salads. Pretty basic dinner. I had a good run too. I did 7.9 miles in 54 minutes.

Tuesday I went to the gym in the morning and Shane didn’t wake up until 11 am! I made some chocolate chip banana bread while he was sleeping. We hung low for the day and didn’t leave the house until 4 pm. I needed to go get a check from the bank and then at 5 pm we met some friends to run at the local high school. I ran 1 mile that morning and did another 7 with my friend Katie. We stretched on the turf and stopped at Giant after to pick up some drinks. By the time we got home it was 7:15 so we both took showers while my mom prepped dinner. I had a big salad with tofu and other veggies and we had sweet potato tots on the side and Shane had some chicken sausage. image1

Later that night we went back out for some frozen yogurt. A friend of his was supposed to meet us but couldn’t make it. I saw a friend from 7th grade at Sweet Frog who had moved away and I hadn’t seen in 7 years there! She was back visiting some family.

Wednesday morning I went to the gym in the morning again and had Shane pick me up. We went and bought a watermelon and got Starbucks before heading back home. We ate together and watched some tv. I got pretty bored but it was dark and dreary out. At 1 pm we both headed out to run. I ran with him for the first 25 minutes but since he was going longer we split paths at that point. We left the house around 3:30 to go to the mall and look for shoes for Shane and pick up our free Godiva truffles of the month 🙂 Then it was off to DC for lululemon yoga in the park at 6 pm. Shane’s friend Drew and hid dad joined us. It was a good class and Shane’s first yoga class (maybe last too). image2

After I had a groupon for Comet Ping Pong. A pizza place in DC. I saw it on diner’s drive ins and dives while I was at school and thought it looked so good and it did not disappoint. I went with the seasonal zucchini pizza with soy mozzarella cheese. It was so so so good! Their pizza crust is fantastic. Shane wasn’t terribly pleased with his choice though because he thought the broccoli rabe was too bitter. He started with the meat balls that he did like and I had a basic salad. We decided to skip dessert and eat some chocolate we had at home. image

Today, Thursday, I ran to and from the gym this morning and when I got back home used the Banana Bread to make Shane some Banana Bread French Toast. He thought it was good but tasted mostly just like normal banana bread. I also cut into the watermelon I bought yesterday. We then headed out so I could go trade in my car and get my new one! I love love love my new car. I went with a Nissan Rogue. It is a 2010 so not brand new but still nice 🙂 photo1

After I finished all the car paperwork and what not I stopped at the Fresh Market to get some veggie chips and chocolate and headed back home. I had leftover pizza and a small salad for lunch and later Shane and I are running a 5k summer race at a high school in the area. We each had a friend to run with so hopefully it’ll be fun!


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