Summer XC races

After lunch today Shane and I just hung around the house. We watched an episode of NCIS LA I had recorded earlier this week and made CDs for the car. A pretty lazy afternoon but much needed.

At 4:45 we headed out to a shopping center where we were meeting a few other people at 5:30. We went early to look for some shoes he wants and I got a AUX cord for my car. At 5:30 we met 4 other friends and all drove to a local high school for a summer XC race put on by a local running group. The run started at 6:30. We did a 2 mile warm up, ran the 5k in 20:30 (it was a hard course with A LOT of hills) and then did a 2.2 mile cool down. I didn’t feel great during the race but it still wasn’t bad.

sorry it's from instagram... pre run photo
sorry it’s from instagram… pre run photo

After the race we all headed to Sweet Frog for some frozen yogurt. YUMMMM. I got toasted marshmellow, cookies n cream, and chocolate with peanut butter chips, chocolate pieces, and pretzel and granola on top.


After sweet frog I dropped some people back at their cars and Shane and I went to Whole Foods for dinner. I still wasn’t feeling great or that hungry so I just got a small box from the salad bar and mixed tofu and all sorts of different veggies in my box. We also got some sweet potato wedges and Shane ordered a burger.

We got back home at 9 pm and are both exhausted so we’re calling it an early night!


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