Saturday Shenanigans

Hi y’all! So yesterday (Friday) I pretty much kept to my same routine. I woke up in the morning and hit the gym and finally got a second lift in for the week! I have been lacking. I managed to lift but didn’t get my 10 minute plank routine done :/ 

It was another dreary day out so after the gym Shane and I just hung around the house for a couple hours. My mom and sister headed into DC around 11:30 for my sister’s birthday lunch (early) but we did not go. I had an appointment to run on the Alter G at 2 pm since it was Friday and I was home. Because I was running long at 2 I didn’t want to eat anything too hard to digest for lunch so it was a snacky morning. I had eaten greek yogurt and protein bites before the gym and between 11 and 12 I had trail mix and cereal (cinnamon toast crunch) with dark chocolate dreams peanut butter. I take a spoonful of peanut butter and dip each piece of cereal into it. It makes for a long process but it tastes really good! 

My run on the Alter G was a pretty good one. I was tired though. I did 14 miles in 1 hour 27 minutes. Shane also did his run while I was out.

Once I returned I had a EAS chocolate protein shake and got ready to go out for the afternoon. We were meeting his friend Drew to hit some golf balls on the driving range. Unfortunately right when we got to the golf club the skies opened up and poured for 30 minutes. The range closes for the dark after that kind of storm :/ 

We decided to just head back to their sponsor families house/best friend who is now a plebe at the Naval Academy to hang out for the afternoon. We ate dinner there and played tennis down by the water and left around 9. We were both exhausted and called it an early night after eating ice cream when we got home, of course 🙂

Today, Shane and I both woke up early. He ran 70 minutes this morning and I went to the gym and did 65 on the elliptical then ran 5 miles to our local lulu lemon store. At 9 am on Saturday they have free yoga 🙂 Shane met me there (plus Drew again) for class. I couldn’t help myself and bought a purple flow y sports bra and new stripped headband from the store after class. After we hit up Whole Foods for breakfast and Starbucks on the way home for coffee. Image

I did manage to do my plank routine once back at home when Shane went to go play 9 holes with Drew. He is off to Fogo de Chao for dinner with his sponsor family tonight so I am hanging out with my mom and sister. On the agenda is a trip to TJ Max, pedicures, dinner and then some froyo from Sweet Frog with my friends who leave for college Monday. 🙂 Enjoy your afternoon!


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