Weekly Workouts II

Another recap of a good week of workouts! Except I didn’t make as many yoga classes as I would have liked but the two I did make it to were good ones đŸ™‚ I even got Shane to go with me to both classes!

Monday: 7.88 mile run (54 minutes), 75 minutes elliptical

Tuesday: 8 mile run (59:30 minutes), core work, lifting session

Wednesday: 6.2 mile run (45:05 minutes), core work, 75 minutes elliptical, yoga class

Thursday: Tempo run 5k, 6.2 mile run (warm up/cool down)

Friday: 14 mile run (alter g – 1 hour 28 minutes), lifting session

Saturday: 5.1 mile run (37 minutes), yoga class, 65 minutes elliptical, core work

I hit a total of 56.1 miles this week and according to mapmyrun burned 3,200 calories. It’s the highest milage i’ve hit in about a month and I feel great! I was a little sore/tired today but my run felt good, short and sweet and ended at my yoga class. I didn’t get as high in milage this summer as I had planned for pre XC season but I am happy with my progress and the fact that I have managed to stay healthy.

I can’t believe my summer vacation is already almost over! It flew by. I definitely ran much better this summer than last summer; I took all of July off last summer due to terrible shin splints to avoid a stress fracture/injury. I have high hopes for this fall season.

images running-is-hard-to-explainSteve Prefontaine USA run quote


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