Sorry I’m not entirely Sorry :/

So I have definitely fallen off the face of the blog world but it’s okay. My summer will officially end next week when I return to school so I have been enjoying my last two weeks with Shane, my family, and friends!

I spent most of the week in Dahlgren, VA where Shane’s family now lives. We did all sorts of things like play (a lot) of frisbee golf, badminton, bowling, running, ate frozen yogurt… Shane’s parents know I love frozen yogurt so we went to Sweet Frog every night we were there! It was great 🙂 

There really isn’t all that much to do in their small town but we made do. Tuesday we were back with my mom in Baltimore and went to sushi go ’round for lunch after I had a doctors appointment. It was my idea. I knew the place wasn’t going to have the best sushi ever but I wanted to go for the experience and we enjoyed it. We got to try a ton of different rolls which was fun! ImageImage

Some other things I ate were a wawa salad after Shane did a late night long run (he ended at 8:30) that I topped with some leftover salmon I had made for lunch. I also went on a 75 minute walk while Shane ran since I had already run 8.5 miles that morning. This was on Monday. Image

Salmon and steamed veggies at Texas Road House with a side salad and they had great rolls with a cinnamon butter! (no pictures) And of course some yogurt after. Image

We also bought the new French Toast goldfish that are so good! His family and I finished them in one day. They actually taste like french toast!

Then today we went to Metro Diner for brunch with two friends this morning. I had quinoa pancakes made with coconut and pecans that were also gluten free and came with grilled banana and a side of berries. Image

I met a future teammate, an incoming freshman at Tulane, for froyo at Sweet Frog at 2 and talked about what to expecting being an athlete, our coaches, and normal freshman stuff. Image

Then we had dinner with my friend Gabby and our family friend Ron and his step son Jay at The Severn Inn. It was such a nice night and the restaurant is on the water. We started with some baked oysters that had a tequilla lime sauce on them. Then for my entree I had the seared tuna salad and Gabby and I split a flourless chocolate cake with the ice cream on the side since I couldn’t eat that. Image Image

Dinner was great. The fresh bread was soo good too! We stayed at the restaurant for two hours eating and chatting away. It turned into a nice evening after a busy day or running around. Hopefully the weekend is a bit more relaxed as I pack and get everything I need for school!

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