Weekly Workouts 3

Hello Hello good afternoon! Hope your weekend has been off to a good start! I ran a ton of errands yesterday buying stuff for school since we are driving down on Tuesday. I hit up Bed Bath and Beyond, the dollar store, Trader Joe’s… I still need to go to Target but that is going to happen tomorrow. I also had my last Alter G run of the summer yesterday and it was a good one! 

Last night since Shane had to stay at school I took him dinner around 7 and then came home to eat with my mom at 8 pm. I took Shane cherry tomatoes, sweet potato wedges, french bread, and chicken. Plus some candy and snacks 🙂 My mom and I made salad with cherry tomatoes, sauteed shrimp, slivered almonds and sweet potato wedges on the side. We laid low last night and watched The Time Traveler’s Wife. 

Today I am going grocery shopping and cleaning my room/going through clothes and packing… not too exciting.

My recap of my weekly workouts:

Sunday: 5.1 miles (37 minutes), 75 minutes elliptical

Monday: 8.5 miles (60 minutes), 2 miles (15 minutes), 2.5 mile walk (1 hour), leisurely 1 hour bike ride, core work

Tuesday: 6.8 (46 minutes), elliptical 75 minutes, weight lifting

Wednesday: 7.51 (51 minutes), 80 minutes elliptical, core work

Thursday: 6.12 ( 44 minutes)

Friday: 14 alter g (85 minutes), core work, weight lifting

Saturday: 6.4 (45 minutes), 80 minutes elliptical

Weekly milage: 56.4 miles

I had hoped to hit 60 this week but I was back and forth between home and Virginia that it just didn’t quite happen. Overall I am happy with my runs. Especially my alter g run. I started at 6:40 and cut down to 6:00 over the first 10 miles then did a 5k tempo at 5:30, 5:21, 5:15 and finished out the last 0.9 mile at 6:00 pace. It felt great and I don’t seem to be paying for it today. I do wish I had made some yoga classes this week but there were no studios in the town I was in most of the week but I did some poses on my own.

Enjoy your weekend!

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