Finally… Maybe I’ll Have Some Free Time

Hello I am still alive and well. I am now back in New Orleans and spending my first night in my dorm for the year. My mom and I drove down (20 hours) from home. We left Tuesday 8/20 and stopped the night in Bluffton, SC and finished our drive the next day.

Bluffton was sooo humid but the community we stayed in with some family friends was so pretty. I went on a run and explored and loved the scenery!


After two long days of driving moving in was notttt fun. I have so much stuff but it is finally all coming together. Last night (Friday 8/23) we had our first team practice at 5 pm and did an easy run of 40 minutes to get to know the new freshman on the team. After I went to dinner at Borgne with my family friends. Dinner was amazing!!! I had the fish of the day which was wahoo and it was cooked perfectly. We started with baked garlic oysters, bread to dip, roasted cauliflower and some pork poppers (I didn’t eat those) Then after we had finished dinner and paid we received all the desserts on the menu from the chef. Our friends know him very well and it was so nice and everything was amazinggg. I left so full! My favorites of the desserts were the hazelnut pudding and the chocolate cake – the trick was to mix both into on bite!


This morning I had practice at 6:40 am and we did a Fartlek style run of 2x 2,2,1 minute pickups. It wasn’t a bad workout at all. With the warmup and cooldown I totaled 9.4 miles today. 

After practice a teammate, our moms, and I went to The Irish House for brunch. The head chef won an episode of Chopped and it has been on the list of restaurants to eat at for awhile! It did not disappoint. I had the Molly Mallonne omlette with eggwhites and it was sooo good. I also had a biscuit on the side that was also so good. The omlette had shrimp and crab meat in it 🙂



After we ate it was time to take my mom to the airport and wish her fairwell until she is back late October. The rest of the day was spent organizing my room and I made a lot of progress!



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