Babysitting gets me every time

Last night (Wednesday 8/28) I babysat for my family friends. It was easy enough: the kids had soccer, I made dinner, helped with homework, and got them ready for bed… I just wish I could have gone to bed with them!

The parents weren’t home super late, around 11 pm, but I have just been so tired with the start of school. I was lounging on the couch until they got home and made it back to my dorm and into bed by 11:30 pm. Way later than my usual 10 pm bedtime. It didn’t help that for our practice this morning I was to run 50 minutes before meeting the team at 7:15 for some drills. Other girls only had a 35 minutes run so I was up a bit earlier than everyone else.

The rest of the day was pretty normal. I had class, lifting weights, tanned a little at the sun deck while reading for my english class, and took an ice bath. I have dinner plans at a sushi restaurant with my friend Michael to catch up after not seeing him all summer at 6 pm. I’m glad I made those plans so I can be back to my room early and relax.

In the meantime I am using a portable stem machine on my calves to loosen up for our first XC race tomorrow! It is a relay meet nearby so it should be a fun way to start the season. Tomorrow morning will be another early one with a team meeting at 6:55 am, which makes an early bedtime critical tonight. I want to be well rested tomorrow!

My eats today were pretty random :/ I had two spoonfuls of my protein bite mix before class and took coffee and the last of my Quaker Oatmeal Square cereal to eat in class. Lunch I packed a salad and put on top this quinoa salad I made last night.


In the mix was a brown rice/quinoa mix, roasted asparagus and red pepper, carrotts, and cucumber. I also had some baked tilapia leftover that I put on top.


Later in class I enjoyed this green tea Stezz drink. (love these) and some trail mix. I was also majorly craving chocolate after class so I had some of the random mix of goodies from The Fresh Market- chocolate caramels, chocoalte covered pecans, peanuts, walnuts, and almonds. Now I’ve been eating blueberries as a healthier snack since I am a bit hungry but don’t want to ruin my appetite for sushi.

I should probably get ready now! Hope you have a good night.


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