Busy Busy Weekend

Jeeze I was tired yesterday! Friday I had my first XC race of the fall season. It was a local duel meet with 4 teams total. It was a 6k relay meet so we all ran a 3k loop (it was actually a 1.97 miles loop) and touched hands to let our partner go. I was the second runner and finished the race in first place.


my relay partner and I post race
my relay partner and I post race
new gear so far
new gear so far

Not a bad start to the season but it was anything but my best cross country race. I had no one to run with, had run 7 miles the day before and was exhausted from the first week of school. It is safe to say I was battling myself mentally during the race but I still finished strong. There was some issues with the chips, another school got them mixed up, so we still don’t know our final time or splits. (I don’t wear a watch during races)
After the meet I babysat for a couple hours and luckily the parents were home by 10pm so I could get home and get to bed. Saturday we had 7 am practice at the track. We followed up the short race with a 9 x 400 track workout. We warmed up 20 minutes and cooled down 10 minutes that made for a total of 7 miles for the day. After practice as captain I got to lead the team in our core work and the guys were anything but happy with that. By the time we got back to school it was already 10 am! We all showered and ate breakfast and at 2 the girls met up again to bike to yogurt land for an afternoon treat. IMG_0462

I had to work a volleyball tournament on campus at 3pm and didn’t get off until after 9 pm! I was beat and headed straight to my room to get ready for bed after. I’m definitely noticing that as I get more and more tired, I try to get as much sleep as I can but with class and practice it is hard, I am snacking and craving chocolate constantly. Going into the more intense part of the season I want to limit my unhealthy choices of chocolate and junk so hopefully I am able to get my iron levels up and consistently get sleep. Even though I am in bed at 10 pm these 6 am mornings are killer with how much physical activity we do!
Today I was able to sleep in until 830. I started my coffee pot and headed to the gym and did 60 minutes on the elliptical. When I got back I had my overnight oats (caramel oats with chocolate chips and banana today!), finished my blueberries, filled my coffee cup and hopped on my bike to go to free yoga at lulu lemon. I needed that class badly today. After two running workouts I was feeling a bit sore and tight. I spotted a pair of super cute new shorts before class that I just had to have and bought once class was over. True life: I’m a lulu lemon addict 🙂 On my bike ride back to school I stopped at The Fresh Market and picked up some sushi for lunch, trail mix, and chocolate. The sushi there is really good! Once I got back I was able to tan for a little bit before I got too hot, I cleaned my room, and now am getting ready for a Zypher baseball game as a team building fun event for my on campus job! We get paid to go too 🙂 which isn’t a bad deal.  

there are 8 pieces in the box I was already half done when I decided to snap a photo
there are 8 pieces in the box I was already half done when I decided to snap a photo

Have a good Labor Day Weekend!


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