Weekly Workouts 5

I cannot believe it is already September! It doesn’t feel like fall is coming anytime soon here in New Orleans, Louisiana though. This week it has been 90-95 luckily not too too humid. I’m back to team practices almost daily and our cross country season has officially begun. My milage was pretty the same this past week as it has been all of August. Here is how it went:

Sunday: 9.04 miles, 45 minutes elliptical

Monday: 7.7 miles, 3.53 miles (double run), core work

Tuesday: track workout 4 x 1,000 m- 6 miles total, 75 minutes elliptical, weight lifting

Wednesday: 6 miles, yoga class, core work, 75 minutes elliptical

Thursday: 7.04 miles, 30 minutes elliptical, weight lifting

Friday: 3 km race- 6.8 miles total, core work

Saturday: track workout 9 x 400 m- 7 miles total, core work, weight lifting

–as we get deeper into the season and our track workouts and speed becomes more intense I ease out of the cross training and focus on my quality miles instead of a cardio base

Total Miles: 53.1

3 x weight lifiting

4 x core work

3:45 minutes cross training


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