Hump Day!

Wooo it may be Wednesday and a short week but it was a longgggg day! 

I started my morning with a 6:30 am alarm to start my coffee pot and head out to a 7 am track meeting. After I headed back to my room for an hour to kill before class, had another cup of coffee and watched the today show. 

Classes from 9-11 then a package pick up after. Luckily it was my new running shoes!!!! I love them already. My old ones were DEAD and my feet immediately felt better just putting on the new shoes. Perfecting timing because then I was off to the Alter G to run during the lunch hour at the PT clinic. I did 9.5 miles in 60 minutes.


After I had a chiropractor appointment that was much needed. My hip flexor is so tight and he said I needed to get back to yoga more :/ It’s been hard at school being busier and not having night classes included with my gym membership at home. 


I got back to campus and hit up the gym to stretch, do core work and read on the elliptical for class. Then had to go to the athletic building to get a book slip for the bookstore… yes it is a little late to be getting books two weeks into classes but there was a miscommunication and my books had not been pre-ordered for me. At this point I needed to make it to the mail room to pick up another package before it closed that included really cute polka dot kitchen ware, a waterproof phone bag, and a space heater since my roommate like it keep the A/C too low for me. The bookstore turned into an adventure because one book was not pre-stocked and another one was sold out so I had to do two different types of orders plus get all my other books. I’m just happy I wasn’t paying for them.

Back to my room finally at 6:15 it was time to shower and make dinner. I roasted broccoli and made sweet potato wedges. I put this into a pseudo ‘bowl’ for dinner with the broccoli on the bottom then the last of my veggie quinoa salad, avocado, greek yogurt, and the sweet potatoes on top. Yummm. It was definitely what I needed. 


Now it is back to the homework grind with some pretzels and peanut butter to snack on 🙂


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