A day in the life of…

Hello, it is Friday night and I am being a complete bum and watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on T.V. My day was not as lazy but my nights are definitely relaxed especially with a workout tomorrow.

We have to meet at the bus at 6:40 to head out to a bridge and run hill repeats in the morning. It is supposed to feel like 91 degrees by 9 am so it will be rough and it is the first time I have run hills in ages! Wish me luck. Thankfully there is really good cold water at the club house where we start and end our run because of course during XC season it is not just hills but a 2-3 mile run each way to and from the bridge. Our coach loves us if you can’t tell. 🙂

weather forecast
weather forecast

So I thought I would outline how my days typically go since today seemed pretty usual.

6:20 am – alarm for practice

6:40 am – meet at park for practice, today was a 6.5 mile run

7:45 – back in dorm, do core work in room, have coffee & some crackers with peanut butter, shower, pack breakfast

8:45 – head to class

10:00 – eat the rest of my breakfast, greek yogurt with protein powder and musili, two mini banana muffins, and crackers with peanut butter

muffin making on Thursday night
muffin making on Thursday night

11:00 – done class, back to room to unpack everything

11:30 – gym, read on the elliptical for 45 minutes (homework reading)

12:30 pm – back to room, change, head to athletic building, eat a snack of watermelon and some trail mix

1:00 – print school stuff, training room for combo and stretching, see coach for new XC waffles, get stuff from locker room

2:15 – back to dorms, eat a veggie suffle and a bowl of cinnamon life cereal, tan in the quad for 45 minutes… too hot to last any longer

3:30 – shower, pick up a package, go to a food store on campus

4:15 – prep dinner (southwestern tuna salad)

5:00 – go to yogurtland with a friend and Whole Foods

6:45 – back to dorm for the night, snack on the veggie chips I bought, chat with roommates, talk to mom on the phone, check emails (I do this multiple times throughout the day)

8:00 – eat dinner the tuna salad on top of spinach, and a lot of trail mix/chocolate covered everything and put on Harry Potter


10:00 – will go to bed to start tomorrow bright and early

Is it just me or do the days seem to blur together. Being in a routine can be nice but also very boring. I find myself over the schedule of practice, class, homework, eat/buy/prep food, and sleep… hopefully I will get over it and the semester will get a little more exciting. I think the beginning is the hardest because I am not used to being at school yet. I miss Shane and being at home. 😦 I can’t wait to see him again over Thanksgiving!


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