Weekly Workouts 6

Hello, hope your Saturday is off to a good start! I am relaxing now and watching Cake Boss after getting my workouts done this morning. It is a lazy Saturday filled with food prep (overnight oats, making trail mix), cleaning dishes, and doing laundry. Tonight I am babysitting for my family friends here and will probably head over there pretty soon just to hangout since all my roommates are gone at the Tulane football game.

Here is a recap of how my workouts went this week:

Sunday: off running, yoga class, 10 mile bike ride (to and from yoga)

Monday: 10 mile alter g run (65 minutes), core work

Tuesday: Track workout 6.5 miles total – 1000, 1000, 500, 1000, 500, 500, weight lifting, 3.12 miles (24 minutes), weights

Wednesday: 9.5 mile alter g run (60 minutes), core work

Thursday: 7.4 miles (58 minutes), 3 miles (22 minutes), power yoga, weights

Friday: 6.25 miles (48 minutes), 45 minutes elliptical, core work

Saturday: 6.5 miles (6 hill repeats) (48 minutes), weight lifting, 45 minutes elliptical

Total Miles: 52.3, 3 x core work, 3 x weights,  90 minutes elliptical, 10 miles biking, 2 x yoga

Thoughts: I definitely need to keep up with my yoga! I saw my chiropractor on Wednesday and my hip flexor is super tight, i liked the sunday and thursday classes so hopefully I will be able to keep that in my schedule. You may or may not notice the paces on some of those runs are SLOW; especially compared to my summer runs. Now for track workouts thats expected because the rest is included but on the other runs I am struggling to run with my team. We have a few lagging behind and I am the only one thats wants to run faster so my choice is to run slow or run alone. I have been running with them for the first half and picking it up on the run back but I don’t want to sprint the second half to make up for time… hopefully the pace will pick up or else I will be doing more runs alone 😦 but I definitely need to get back into a faster pace if I want to do as well as I hope to this XC season.



2 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts 6

  1. Wow I would never consider those runs slow! You’re a speed demon!!! Ten miles in 65 minutes seems incredible to me! And I am still amazed that you’re able to do like 4 workouts a day! I would never have the time on top of school work….or the will power LOL!


    1. well the alter g runs are fast but some of the other ones are closer to 8 min pace 😦 when i’m used to always running 6:45-7 min pace. It is a lot with school but it is also paying for school which helps! and I love it, i’m definitely addicted to the runner’s high, marathons are definitely in my post college future


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