Bad Luck Today

Last night I had a babysitting job. Easy enough, same family as usual, the daughter and son now call me their big sister because we are so close. The boy wasn’t home until 10:30 so for most of the night it was just the daughter and her friend who was sleeping over. They had an amazing flavor of ice cream for dessert I told my mom she needed to try when she is here next. SO GOOD! Image

The parents got home at 12:30 am, which is a late night for me. I headed back to campus and parked outside my dorm where I thought I could park on Weekends especially since there were two other cars there too. Turns out I was wrong and this morning I had a ticket 😦 I really did think I could park there with my school parking permit. I could’ve moved it before 8 am when they start to ticket but I didn’t know; I also didn’t wake up until after 9 am today since I was out so late. Then I hung out in my living room with my roommate, made coffee and had overnight oats and a banana chocolate chip muffin for breakfast.

So I moved my car around 10 am when I left for yoga at lulu lemon. I biked to and from yoga again today. It was a good class and a nice bike ride! When I got back to campus I headed to the gym and caught up on twitter on the elliptical. After the gym I got a text from a friend at school I hadn’t seen yet asking to get froyo that I of course couldn’t turn down. We decided to bike there too since it isn’t that far. It was nice to catch up. Image

The rest of the afternoon I spent studying/reading for a test I have on Wednesday and had pesto tofu on a salad from whole foods, crackers and quac, carrots and hummus and later some trail mix and chocolate. 

Now i’ve just been relaxing since I ate and snacked watching more Harry Potter on TV. It’ll be an early night for me since I’m back to 6:30 am practice tomorrow!


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