Long Dayzzz

I have been bombarded with homework this week! I have 4 papers to write, multiple readings, had a test and a quiz already. It had taken over my free time this week. Not to mention I babysit last night until 11 pm. I also spent almost 2 hours at the chiropractor yesterday getting active release, graston, adjusted, and everything I needed for my body!

Before my test yesterday I stopped this cute sign getting my choice of coffee behand. It really made my morning a little better!


I did not have the greatest of days today though. It started out with morning practice. My glut muscle and preiformis had been bothering me after our hill workout last weekend. The chiropractor definitely helped but it still bothered me a little today so my coach said he doesn’t want me to race Saturday. I know it is smart because I need to be completely healthy for meets later on in the season but it is always a bummer training and not being able to compete. 😦 I was in a rush after practice to get to class and grabbed a yogurt, granola, and blueberries to eat in class. In my first class today too I found out we had a quiz I did not know about, safe to say it was not the best quiz of my life.

Since my morning did not go as planned I tried to make the rest of my day better. I bought shrimp, sushi and a vitamin water for lunch.


I received a package from vitacost this afternoon that turned my day a little bit. I love getting packages! Included was gluten free rolled oats, nutritional yeast, chia squeeze, viactivs, fiber vitamins, yogurt covered pretzels, and peanut butter (coffee chia, and chocolate chia).



Now that I have finished dinner (salad with shrimp and bean salad, and chips and quac) yummm, I am back to writing my papers and an early bedtime!


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