Weekly Workouts 7

This week did not go as planned when talking about my running. My hip flexor and preiformis have been really tight! I have been seeing my chiropractor, our trainer at school, doing yoga and stretching. After our hill workout last weekend though I knew it was off, I had pinching in my preiformis that was causing a limp when I ran. 😦 So my coach gave me the weekend off of racing (not to my liking) to rest and get it figured out. After spending almost two hours at the chiropractor Wednesday I hoped it would be better but some discomfort set in during my run Thursday and Friday. It was better but still not great. I saw a trainer at my school Friday who did an analysis of my hips and worked on me. He said my right hip was tilted back and down which was causing the pain so I left there feeling a lot better. Hopefully it all gets figured out this weekend and doesn’t just go back to where it was. I have another chiropractor appointment on Monday too.

Sunday: 10 mile bike ride, yoga class, 75 minutes elliptical

Monday: 6.5 miles, core work, weights, 3.57 miles

Tuesday: 2.7 miles, 75 minutes elliptical, yoga class

Wednesday: 10.5 miles (alter g), core work

Thursday: 7 miles, weights

Friday: 6.1 miles, core work, 75 minutes elliptical

Saturday: 3.5 miles, 75 minutes elliptical, weights 

Weekly Milage: 39.9 miles, 165 minutes elliptical (3h45min), 2x yoga, 3x weights, 3x core work and A LOT of stretchinggg 

Hopefully the work I am having done to get my hips back in place and my muscles relaxed will help soon and I can get back to training, the cross country season is so short!


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