Weekly Workouts 8

Dang, I’ve already done 8 of these things?? Of all the posts these are the ones I seem to be able to keep up with. School is bussyyy! I decided this week to drop a class that I was just not enjoying. I was seeming to have to put in so much effort, didn’t enjoy the information, and hated the teachers style of teaching. So since I don’t need this class for my major or anything I decided to drop, but since it is already 3 weeks into the semester it is too late to add anything so now my credit load is pretty light.

I will probably try to find a job or work more for events staff that I already do. I am still way tired all the time and because of my hip problems I am spending a lot of time in the training room daily. I light course load might be helpful.

Speaking of the training room I am starting to feel a lot better! WOOO. I spend roughly an hour in the training room daily but whatever works. They stretch me daily, do stem every other day, as well as adjustments and some rehab exercises to strength my pelvis incase my hip is moving from some imbalances. I was finally able to go back to practice with the team Thursday.

This is how the last week went:

Sunday: yoga, 10 mile bike ride

Monday: Alter g run 8 miles, core work

Tuesday: 7 mile run, 60 minutes elliptical, weight training

Wednesday: Alter g run 9.5 miles, core work

Thursday: 6 mile run, weight training, 30 minutes stationary biking, yoga class

Friday: 3.5 mile tempo run, 3.5 mile warm up/cooldown, 60 minutes elliptical, corework

Saturday: Alter g run 7 miles, 30 minutes elliptical, weight training

Weekly Milage- 44.3 miles, 3 x weight training, 2 x yoga, 5 x cross training, 3 x core work

Still lower milage than I’m used to but a little more than last week, a lot of Alter g runs, but as long as I can race next weekend I will be happy! And my hip/groin/preiformis are feeling a lot better. I had stem and a heating pad on yesterday and took a little nap in the training room in the afternoon which was nice šŸ™‚

I was very very happy to be on the Alter g this morning too. The rest of my team, besides myself and one other teammate, had practice at 6:40 am this morning and it was POURING rain. I woke up around 7:50 and it had been raining for hours; safe to say our teammates were a little angry we got to run inside at 9:30 am today but I’d rather be healthy it just happened to be a good day to run inside.


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