Hi so I bet you all are wondering what is back? Well I will get there 🙂 Hint: It’s the combo of two of my all time favorite things!

The weekend was pretty uneventful. Friday night some teammates and I got sushi happy hour, $3 rolls! Then Saturday it rained allll day long. My team had practice at 6:40 am at the track in the rain but luckily another girl and I were on the Alter G at 9:30 so we got to sleep in and stay dry! The rest of the day I spent working on homework, doing laundry, and cleaning up our apartment, and took a friend who doesn’t have a car to the grocery store (two of them). Then Sunday I had the early Alter G shift that started at 7:30 am. When we were back a few of us went to the training room before showering and getting breakfast. Sunday night I had a babysitting job and lucked out with dinner. The kids wanted sushi and I am not one to complain about that. Good dinner and making money, a win win! I also made some MomoFuku compost cookies yesterday since it was cold out from all the rain we got and I wanted to stay inside. It went from 100 on friday to mid 70s!!!! Instead of adding chips and pretzels to my cookies like the directions said I added oats and candy corn, it equals out right?

This morning was an early practice tempo run. We met at the park at 6:40 am and did an 18 minute tempo right around 6:30 pace. Our warm up and cooldown is our jog to and from the back of the park that made for a total of 7 miles today. Next up was my classes and a meeting with my english teacher to go over a paper. I had some leftover sushi that I ate for lunch with the rosemary and black pepper Blue Diamond almonds? I didn’t like them at first but now I love them!



At 2 pm I went to the training room for combo, heat, and stretching. I was really sore today after a couple fast days in a row. Then after my friend Sydney and I set off on a mission to where else butttt YOGURTLAND. Pumpkin pie came in today and I was so so so excited. This flavor is amazing, it tastes like real pumpkin unlike most other yogurt places that have a really sweet and sugary pumpkin pie flavor. I put mine with some chocolate and it is so good!



Mission Accomplished! 

It was around 345 when we got back to campus and I saw some teammates heading out to a store that was having a sale so I decided my paper writing could wait. I found a super cute pair of shorts to show for it.Image

Once we got back to campus it really was time to work on some homework which I have been doing since. It is about time to take a dinner break though since I have been snacking on trail mix and pumpkin pie almonds in order to get through some work. So that is what I am off to do! The rest of the night will involve a SAAC meeting and christmas card photo at 9 pm and luckily I just have a run tomorrow so I get to sleep in!! I wasn’t back from babysitting until close to 11 so it’ll help to catch up on some sleep with a race coming up this weekend!


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