Down in the South

Since I go to school in New Orleans there is a strong country/red neck/southern vibe. I love this about going to school in the South. I can listen to country music with no judgement and wear a camo Saints hat, jean shorts, and cowgirl boots and it’s not weird. So I’ve told y’all (another thing I have picked up) about my chiropractor I see once a week that does A.R.T., graston, stretching, etc. Well he uses Kinesio tape and last year started looking for different colors in different brands. He ordered me purple last year since that is my favorite color, but found none other than camo for my friend on the team who has known him since she was a baby. The tape was specifically for her buttt today she said I could get it too. She started taking me to see him over two years ago so I am his second longest Tulane patient and it just so happens the girl on my team and I look very similar from a far. She is a pole faulted though so her muscles are triple mine and she is probably 6-7 inches taller than I am. Butt from far distance people will get us confused because we have the same profile.

love my camo tape, I feel intense!
love my camo tape, I feel intense!

My other happens today included sleeping in until 7:30! I had two classes. Had to get gas before heading out to Meterie but luckily had 20 cents off per gallon from my Winn Dixie points. I stopped at target on a mission for these pumpkin spice m&ms! Can’t waitttt to try them and of course since it’s target I also found cinnamon roll mini wheats, yummm. Luckily I was on a time crunch and couldn’t explore or else I would have spent wayyy to much money. Oh Target, how I love thee, but not once I have to pay my credit card bill. 😦


Next up was my alter g run, I did 9 miles today in 58 minutes, it was 90 degrees out so I was thankful to be inside running. Then it was time for the chiropractor. That takes about an hour. My trips to Meterie on Wednesday’s from leaving campus to getting back take around 3 hours, today was closer to 4 since I had some other errands to run.

I did my core work once I got back to campus and then showered and went to the training room to get stretched again. I can tell my tight muscles are getting better but I still need to work on it. I printed some lectures and worked on homework for a while after that and then headed out to babysit. I stopped at yogurtland on my way over and got a lid so it is now in the freezer for after dinner. I love the pumpkin yogurt, by far my favorite!


Now I am working on a paper, doing laundry, and about to prep dinner for the kidos for when they get home from soccer practice! Tomorrow will be back to early morning practice so hopefully it is not a late night!


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