Weekly Workouts 9/RACE Recap

Sunday: 10.09 mi alter g run (66 minutes)

Monday: 7 mile run with a 18 minute tempo (47 minutes), core work, 40 min stationary bike

Tuesday: 7 mile run (50 minutes), weight training, 30 min elliptical

Wednesday: 9 mi alter g run (58 minutes), core work

Thursday: 6.25 mi run (46 minutes)

Friday: 3.3 mi run (25 minutes), core work

Saturday: RACEEE, 8 miles total (60 minutes total running)

Weekly Milage: 50.6 miles, 3 x core work, 1 x weight training, 2 x cross training

My Race! Well first thoughts are that it is nice to be building my milage back up, hopefully next week I can start to do running doubles again. I LOVE TO RUN, incase that wasn’t evident. Well the race went pretty well, I can’t complain too much. I did not run as fast as I had hoped but I came out with 4th place overall and lead my team AND my team won the meet! My time was 18:19, when I ran 18:03 two years ago on this exact same course but today was overly humid and the course had some mud spots but really the humidity was what slowed the race down. The top 10 also got shirts as we came through the finish, always fun!

photo image

The bus ride home was not though. We got stuck behind an accident that only happened a minute or two ahead of us. It took us 45 minutes to move less than a mile past the accident 😦 the ride was already over 3 hours long so that was not fun and took most of our afternoon away from us.

Now I am back at school, unpacked, and sitting in bed watching Safe Haven (so good!) with a heating pad. My groin/hip/preiformis are a bit tight from the race today which is to be expected and I will see our trainer in the morning.

Have a good Saturday! I am lacking in all energy to do anything tonight 🙂


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