Ups and Downs and an Overall Random Day

Hello and I hope y’all are having a good Monday! I’m typing this up before I set about making dinner for myself tonight. This day has been random to say the least, not terrible but also not great, but now I have nothing to do tonight so I can just relax and get caught up on the little things.

This morning started with 6:40 am practice. I was so tired and not ready to go. We all thought it was just going to be an easy run because our assistant coach said if it was up to him that’s what it would be (our head coach is out of town). But once we got to the park this morning we found out we had a tempo. Usually these runs are very easy for me but I was not mentally prepared since the coach said he didn’t think we should do one, we raced Saturday and I did a 13 mile long run on the Alter G yesterday (so it was fast). We all survived the tempo somewhere between 6:35-6:40 pace for 18 minutes. In total I ran 7.5 miles today.

Next up was getting my blood taken to check my iron levels. I went straight from practice and when I got to the doctors office had to wait 30 minutes in the exam room. Usually blood work is so fast I did not expect it to take that long. The nurse couldn’t find my blood vein and was poking around my right arm looking for it, after she put the needle in she was moving it around and it was very painful. She then got another nurse and they poked my other arm to take my blood. I was then late for class because it took so long but luckily the doctor gave me a note for my teacher.


Classes went by as usual with nothing too exciting happening except for that in my deviant behavior class we were talking about adderall (which I take) and the price for something with a prescription and how much it would be to buy a single pill for someone without. When I told the teacher how much we pay a girl next to me then asked if I sold it! I was so amazed she just so openly asked me in class; I didn’t bother to answer and just listened to what the teacher went on to say next… for the record I do not sell my adderall I need it to focus and study and went through around 8 hours of testing to prove that I need it because it is banned in the NCAA so that is what they make you do to get it approved. 

Because my morning was so busy I didn’t have a chance to do my core work so I did that after class before getting lunch. Later I went to the training room and did a phone interview with the school newspaper. Once back in my room I decided I would do laundry and vaccume and clean up my room. I also got a package in the mail that I was veryyy excited about! I cannot wait to try this!


I also tweeted this picture of all my pumpkin purchases so far this year. I lovee all things pumpkin.


I also went to the grocery store this afternoon just to pick up a few items:

  • butter lettuce
  • pumpkin spice pretzels (above)
  • cantaloupe
  • kombucha (original)
  • artic ice pumpkin spice (above)

Not too much for the week I have a lot of yogurt, snacks, frozen foods, drinks, etc. In addition I have a meal plan and there is a food court/store on campus so I often pick up stuff daily.

Now I am off to do some reading from Aristotle- The Nicomachean Ethics for class and then make dinner and relax for the night! My roommate also made brownies so I might have one of those with my pumpkin spice ice cream tonight, sounds like a good idea to me 🙂


3 thoughts on “Ups and Downs and an Overall Random Day

    1. Yes it makes it easier to run faster, you zip into a plastic bubble, you wear these special shorts on it, and it calibrates your body weight while it inflates and then you decrease your body weight so my coach has us run at 75% bw so it is less impact and you can run faster. It is a way to get in more miles without overtraining, to get some recovery time for your legs while still getting in a good run instead of easy junk miles, and allows people to come back from injury sooner. When I had my stress fractures a year and a half ago I was able to run atleast a month sooner than if I had had to wait to solely run outside so I came back in better shape thn I would have otherwise. It’s a really cool machine we see people relearning to walk on them or there’s other people training for ironmans and such because they had some inflammation. Most elite athletes own their own and they are not cheap!


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