WIAW: October Veggies and Comforting Snacks

I know I missed a week but it is really hard to keep up in college when I am also an athlete. I find myself snacking a ton throughout the day because of how much I workout and I often forget to take pictures or I am in class and don’t want to pull out my phone. I don’t mind eating in class though 🙂 gotta do what you gotta do when you have such a busy schedule.

<a href=”http://www.peasandcrayons.com/&#8221; target=”_blank”><img border=”0″ src=”http://i1065.photobucket.com/albums/u395/plaughlin1/wiawphotobutton.jpg&#8221; /></a></center>

My mornings are the most hectic most days with early practice and usually only 20-30 minutes to get to my first class. I grad my coffee, vitamins, and pre-packed breakfast to go.

Meal 1: Plain greek yogurt with pumpkin spice protein powder musili and chia seeds, berries, coffee, vitamins


Snack 1: Smartpop kettle corn (forgot to picture but not very exciting)

Meal 2: big salad with tons of veggies, quinoa/brown rice mix with shrimp and avocado


Snack 2: Whole Wheat Crackers and cocoa and coconut almonds butter


Snack 3: Mixed Berry Scone (my roommate made from TJ’s mix)


Meal 3: Another salad (bad lighting) with a quinoa veggie burger, broccoli and hummus


Dessert: Brownie with Artic Zone Pumpkin spice ice cream… plus I had another brownie later in the night


Other exciting news is that 22 Jump Street is filming on Tulane’s campus. It is so cool that stuff like this happens in New Orleans. A lot of movies are filmed in Louisiana because we don’t have certain charges to film stuff like other states do. We are always seeing filming trucks and stuff happening around the city and on campus. For this movie since it is a high school setting they are filming right in the middle of campus and if you didn’t see 21 Jump Street the main character so happens to be CHANNING TATUM and he waved at me today! I stayed and watched a couple scene being shot too.


IMG_0630 IMG_0619

Pretty awesome if you ask me!!!!


4 thoughts on “WIAW: October Veggies and Comforting Snacks

  1. That was quite the encounter….I would have love to have seen him. In my time in college, we never really had a celebrity gravitate near there (not that I know of, at least). The closest I’ve been to a celebrity is when Transformers were filming right down the road from my hubby’s home. The first scenes of Transformers 2 was filmed by the old steel mill in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. So, Shia Lebouf was nearby. The producers put the whole neighborhood on warning that there would be alot of loud noises, and, of course, celebrities. It was pretty exciting. (I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Transformers 2…)


    1. Last year they filmed Broken City on campus so Catharine Zeta Jones and Mark Wahlburg were on campus but it was mostly done at night so I didn’t see them. Will Ferrell was on campus before Mardi Gras too since he was the king of Bacchus one of the parades but I missed that as well. Channing Tatum would’ve been my one pick to see anyways though so I am happy!

      I know i’ve seen Transformers 1 I am not sure about the 2nd; I feel like I have but I don’t really remember it. Shia Lebouf filmed movie in a neighborhood near my home a couple summers ago too some friends went and hung out around the filming but I didn’t. It was really cool being able to watch the filming and having them announce to everyone like ‘quiet please, no background noise’.


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