Going, Going, Going

Woah today has been JAM PACKED! It started bright (well now it was still dark out with fall coming on us fast) and early. We had a workout this morning out at City Park, which is where we practice now that our track has been torn up and a stadium is being put in. The stadium where the track we use at City Park is only a couple miles away but there are a ton of traffic lights and the school bus has to take the highway so it is a 15-20 minute drive which can be a total pain.

We left campus at 6:40 this morning and got back at 8:50… made for a bit of a rush since I have a 9 am class. I was 10 minutes late because it has been so humid out I needed to quickly shower and change anddd more importantly grab something to eat. Luckily i’m good at preparing food the night before to take with me so I don’t have to think about it in the morning. This morning I took a strawberry fage flip cup yogurt, extra protein powder and honey bunches of oats cereal to put into it with the granola, some blueberries and stawberries, a banana and individual pack of pecan nut butter, and a snack size bag of trail mix and pumpkin spice pretzels, and of course my travel mug of coffee went with me as well!

Workout- 20 minute warm up, 4 x 3 minute presses at 6:00 min/mile pace with 2 min of running inbetween and then I did a cooldown of 7 minutes. The goal is to not slow down too much inbetween the sets so it gets pretty challenging towards the end. I ran this workout alone while the rest of my team did 3 sets of 3×400 since I am the only real long distance running doing long reps makes sense for me since it is still early in the  season. I finished before everyone else since I went straight into my workout from the warm up and finished with my 10 minute plank routine. I start with a normal fore arm plank for 2:30 min, move to a push up plank for 2:30 doing some shoulder touches and knee to nose movements throughout. Sometimes I take a short break at 5 minutes then move onto right arm forearm plank with hip dips for 1:30 then forearm for 30 seconds, I move to my hands during this time and then move to side plank on the right side with my hand down for 30 seconds and then I repeat on the left side.

Once back at campus I had class for 9-11 and then had work from 12-5 setting up for our school auction that is tonight. I only had enough time after class to go back to my room, change, pack some snacks, clean my tupperware from breakfast, and leave for work. My snacks included a coconut cashew quest bar, a sandwich size bag of skinny pop popcorn, and soem pumpkin spice m&ms. At work today they had Jimmu John’s sandwiches for us and lucky for me they had some vegetarian ones! Work wasn’t too exciting just moving stuff around, setting up tables, etc.

By the time I got off I desperately needed to wash my hair since I didn’t get to it this morning so that was the plan and then I finished up Book 3 in Aristotle’s The Nicomachean Ethics for class.

Since homecoming is this weekend they had a big celebration on the main quad on campus that included a carnival and fireworks! It was pretty cool I went over there for awhile after I did my reading. By the time 7:30 rolled around I was more than ready for dinner, the carnival had free food but by the time I got there they were out and only had food to buy which I didn’t want to do, so I headed back to my room to make some dinner.


I made a butter lettuce salad with edamame, asparagus, and teriyaki chick’n less strips. I had some veggie chips while I was cooking the strips and had a pumpkin chocolate chip brownie after with some pumpkin spice artic ice ice cream.


Now I am going to start a study guide for the Aristotle book that is due Monday since I have a ton of work to get done this weekend and I want to go to the football game tomorrow! Have a good night!


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