Weekly Workouts 10!

I sit here typing this up after having finished a not so great run but in my defense there are tropical storm (thanks Karen) winds that were coming right at me the entire second half of my run and majorly slowed me down… just making my legs stronger is what I kept reminding myself as I wanted to stop and walk but wouldn’t let myself do that. I had considered taking today off of running this morning but I found a friend and his friend who were running so I decided to go with them and get in 6-8 miles and all in all I am happy I did even though the weather was not ideal it definitely always can be worse. So here is my recap of my week.

Sunday: 13 mile alter g run (83 minutes)

Monday: 7.5 miles (52 minutes w/ 18 minutes tempo), core work, 45 minutes elliptical

Tuesday: 7.07 miles (51 minutes), 30 minutes elliptical, weight lifting

Wednesday: 10.15 mile alter g run (65 minutes), core work

Thursday: 7.35 miles (55 minutes), 30 min elliptical, weight lifting

Friday: Fartlek (4x 3 min on, 2 min off) 6.5 miles (47 minutes), core work

Saturday: 7 miles (51 minutes), 30 minutes elliptical, weight lifting

Weekly Milage- 58.6 miles, 4 x cross training, 3 x core work, 3 x weight lifting

I’m glad to be getting my milage up higher having done my normal long run hopefully I will be able to start adding in some double runs instead of cross training soon too! I’m also happy I was able to get in all my weight lifting sessions this week, I did a lot of core work too in addition to my normal plank routine I did two longer ab sets that left me a little sore in a good way!

I also did a school fun run for homecoming on Thursday that I didn’t count into my milage because it was just 0.8 (supposed to be a mile) I didn’t warm up for it or anything we just go out to get free long sleeve shirts for homecoming! Most of my teammates and I do it every year.

photo 1378793_10151949738823115_968530666_n

Life as a college athlete definitely isn’t easy but I love to run, no matter if I want to go out or not I never regret a run and always feel 100x better afterwards. I truely love the sport i’m in and love seeing progress! I hope everyone out there finds a passion like I have in their lives that makes them a better and more passionate person! Enjoy the weekend!

images-1 AyMlc-FCIAAvVJ9.jpg-large


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