You Know It’s the Weekend When…

1. It is more of a struggle to get into bed at 10 pm and wake up at 7:30 am. Starting to hate these 8 am training room times on the weekend when it’s my chance to sleep until maybe 8/830 am.

2. Motivation to start and do homework takes many hours of procrastination and distractions always seem to pop up. Hello putting snacks into plastic containers, washing dishes, vaccuming, and even just walking around my appartment for no good reason just looking at things.

3. There doesn’t seem to be three meals a day but more like two and ten different snacks because it’s easier and yummy.

4.I’m not in a rush after my runs and actually have time to run and shower  and hang out in my room for a bit.

5. You go to five different groceries stores to get just a few items at each because you have time to pick out your favorites. My mom always asks why I have so many $10-$15 grocery charges and that would be why.

6.The day seems to disappear but you can’t remember doing much to pass the time. Training room, eat, run, shower,eat and it’s already like 2 pm!

7. People text you back at 1 am but then not again um 1 pm… hah life of a college student except i’m asleep at 1 am and up by 730 am.

8. Another note to that college student sleep schedule, campus seems dead empty until 3 pm when students finally venture out to eat or do homework.

9. My mom wants to chat about her list of chores and homework when I have plenty to be doing myself and I really don’t want to hear about all her Trader Joes, Sams Club, Safeway, etc purchases when I can’t afford as much fresh fruits, vegetables, fish. I make due with my meal plan and kitchen but I still have to watch how much I spend.

10. My gas tank seems to go from full to empty over the course of two days. I guess I can’t always offer to drive friends to the store, drive teammates to the alter g, etc when I have places I have to go myself nd really don’t have money to fill up that often. The perils of trying to be nice, I often suggest to bike places like the grocery store, cvs, yogurtland, etc with friends instead of driving as it saves gas and is better for the environment. BUT we had a ton of rain this weekend with Tropical Storm Karen so that was not an option.


So now that it is already past 2 pm on Sunday, I am going to finish up my iced latte at the coffee shop on campus and then print homework, an essay, notes, and clean up my room. I did some food prep for the week yesterday and made some Quinoa Pizza bites and more protein bites so at least that is already done. I also already ran 13 miles on the alter g this morning so my workout is done which is so nice to have out of the way!  I’m trying to get everything done early today so I can watch the Halloween Cupcake Wars tonight! Have a good Sunday!



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