Fall Break Edition

It was a short week with only 3 days of classes and I was done by 11 am Wednesday. We were originally supposed to travel to Orlando, FL for the Disney Classic XC Race but my coach didn’t like how it worked into our schedule weekend wise. So he cancelled that race and added a race in Alabama next friday instead. I was supposed bummed about canceling the race because last year I won the race, my team placed second overall, AND we got disney park tickets for after the race and took a late flight out. It was SO SO SO much fun! It is also unfortunate about the change in races because my mom comes in next Thursday when we leave for the race so I was going to pick her up but now she will have to take a cab to campus to get my car while I am gone.
With our coach giving us break to do whatever, he emailed out training schedules but let us leave if we wanted, we had practice at 6:40 Monday to Wednesday and boy was I feeling it. I felt so much more tired than usual this week! Last night I went to bed and 10 pm and didn’t wake up until after 8 am, I got 10 hours of sleep! That never happens to me but I definitely needed it! I then made some really good pumpkin oats since I was not in a rush this morning and enjoyed that with my coffee, talked to my mom, and watched the Today show.
It’s been a long couple of days. I drove a teammate to the airport yesterday and another teammate there today. It is about an hour round trip so it took away a lot of time in the middle of both days. It made me really wish I were going home too. I had already agreed to watch the kiddos when our coach told us we were free to go over break and I don’t like to break agreements. The flight home was also around $300 so that would have been tough too. My mom comes in next week for a business trip so I would have spent all my time with Shane and that wouldn’t have been fair to ask my mom to pay for my ticket then. I reallyyyyy do wish I was able to spend the long weekend with him though 😦 I miss him a lot and it is only halfway to Thanksgiving. So I decided to bake him some banana chocolate chip muffins Tuesday night that I mailed off Wednesday in a package with some others snacks and things that he should get tomorrow.
So today my run was an alter g run. I saw the chiropractor yesterday and was feeling a little sore from all the work they did so I kept my pace pretty even on the treadmill; I usually speed up a lot. I did my 10 miles in 65 minutes. I also lifted weights this morning before heading out to the alter g. The teammate I took to the airport today came with me to the alter g and just chatted with some people that work there- they love us and hearing about our seasons and what not. So after I finished I took her to the airport for her flight to Colorado. By the time I was back on campus it was 2 pm so I packed up all the things I needed to babysit, ate a very random lunch, and headed out. Lunch was leftover sweet potato puffs that I dipped in guacamole, a pint of cantaloupe, trail mix, and a protein shake. I was eating as I was packing up to head out and didn’t want to dirty dishes before leaving and wanted to eat my leftovers/fresh food. I stopped at the store on the way over to pick up a few things for me to eat too while I am staying at their house. Luckily they had tons of samples out at Whole Foods too like grapes, salmon salad, beet and sweet potato chips, and a few bulk bin samples.
Now the kids, 9 and 11, are at soccer practice and I will be heading out to pick them up soon and come back for dinner and homework. On the agenda is fish tacos that the house keeper prepared today so it’s ready for us when we get back from soccer at 7:30. Soccer nights are busy ones. It’ll be an early morning to get them to school so I am happy I got the chance to sleep in today.


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