Weekly Workouts 11

Here we are again at the end of another week, hopefully they keep flying by cause I am ready for Thanksgiving break! It was another off week from racing, we were supposed to go to Disney in Orlando for a race but our coach cancelled. So here is how the week went.

Sunday: 13 mile alter g run (83 minutes), 60 minute yoga class
Monday: 7 miles (50 minutes) track workout was 1 x 300m, 1 x 1000m, 2x2000m, 1x500m with various jogging rests, core work
Tuesday: 6.08 miles (45 minutes), 45 minutes elliptical, weight lifting
Wednesday: 7.15 miles (50 minutes), 4.6 mile alter g run (30 minutes), core work
Thursday: 10 mile alter g run (65 minutes)
Friday: off running, 45 minutes elliptical, 55 minute piyo class, core work
Saturday: 7.62 miles (55 minutes)

Weekly Milage- 55.4 miles, 2 x cross training, 2 x yoga, 1 x weight training, 3 x core work

Thoughts- The week felt pretty good, physically I was pretty tired by Thursday though which is why I decided to take Friday off. Since we don’t have practice over break our coach said to take one day off so thats the day I picked and it was a good choice. I went to the training room and had combo on my calves and got stretched before going to the piyo class, which was really just yoga no pilates. The weather earlier this week was pretty nice too, it was almost cold out! But now the heat and humidity is back in full force I was dripping this morning during my run.

Now i’m getting a little stir crazy because the girl I am babysitting just wants to lay low today since she had a sleepover last night and didn’t get much sleep. I was back from my run by 10 am, have done a few things, and I studied for one of my tests for 2-3 hours but am now tired of sitting around… haven’t decided what I can do. :/ I even tried to nap but wasn’t able to fall asleep. So we’ll see where this afternoon takes us, hopefully off the couch!


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